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New Year’s resolution?

January 21, 2018

Can’t say that I’ve been particularly on top of the whole blogging malarkey for the past couple of years, but all being well, with reductions in our poultry stocks and plans afoot to save time on the B and B front, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. Not every day and possibly not every week but hey, baby steps are good! So, a belated Happy New Year to anyone checking in!

Of course we’re closed for business at this time of year although the weather has been pretty grim these past few months so who would want to be here on holiday here anyway? This past week has been quite nice though, albeit in a chilly sort of way…

…so much so, that Wee Man and his Silkie girls have refused point blank to come outdoors – unless I tempt them with a few mealworms for afternoon tea that is!

The main flock have been keen to find any spot in the sunshine…

And here’s an introduction to a special new resident, The Bruce, our new cockerel. He’s a Silver-Laced Wyandotte and we hand reared him last summer to step into Big Fella’s shoes – or spurs maybe? (God rest his wee chicken soul.)


At least THE VIEW is different!

February 1, 2014

The View

THE VIEW might still be monochrome, but a least it’s a brighter kind of monochrome! Yes, we had our first significant fall of snow overnight, although it seems to be thawing fairly fast. The three musco-teers weren’t impressed and took a while to venture out of their cosy house this morning. It would seem that paddling in cold water is preferable to standing around in the strange white stuff.

3 musco-teers

Unfortunately, the snowy conditions are accompanied by a fairly strong, southerly wind, this combination being enough to keep the Silkies indoors. It’s now after noon and they’re still lurking just inside the cat-flap! They have food and water in there and there’s no wind-chill, so who can blame them?


snowy view

Finally, a change in the weather.

April 8, 2013

the ridgeGone is the bitter easterly wind but unfortunately, so too has our blue sky! I took a walk down the glen yesterday and the ridge was covered in snow and ominous-looking clouds. But at least it was ‘warmer’ and we got the first precipitation of any kind for a couple of weeks or so. In March we only had two inches of rain compared to about eleven inches at the same time last year.

Today those clouds were undecided whether to deposit snow or sleet on us and for a while we had a bit of both.

sleety muscovies

After our disappointing loss of 20 incubating hens’ eggs last week, Mother Nature has stepped in, in the form of the Nest Thief (so  named because she stole poor Broody Brenda’s nest last year.) Well, this year she’s started early and is sitting on about a dozen eggs  in the polytunnel coop, with no criminal act involved!

Nest Thief


Heading South

January 17, 2013

snowy ridge

There’s been snow to varying degrees these past few days. We’re heading south tomorrow so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it stays up there on the ridge! Parts of the country are to expect blizzards, but so far none along our route. We are to spend a week down in Lancashire with family. It’s wee Patrick’s Christening on Sunday and the twins’ birthday next Friday. Plenty to celebrate! Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of the highlights with you when we’re there!
Before we hit the road, I thought I’d check that everyone is behaving themselves. Hamie is taking everything in her stride as usual…


…as is Patches…

P1000654The ducks seem to be getting along peacefully…

Happy ducks
…and nothing deters the chickens from their daily routine, including hanging around my feet to catch any falling peanuts as I fill the wild bird feeders…

nut catching

Hopefully everything will remain as peaceful for the animal-sitters, dad, and our neighbours Mark and Gerlinde. I’ll leave you with this evening’s sun setting under the rowan tree.


Sunset and snow

December 5, 2012

There isn’t much to report at the moment but I couldn’t resist sharing last evening’s sunset over our new view of MacLeod’s Tables…


…along with this morning’s view of the snowy ridge at the opposite end of the glen…

the ridge


" Is this my best side?"

” Is this my best side?”

There was a minor challenge in taking the ridge shot; Broody Brenda, who blocked my way across the wee bridge, insisting that I take her photo minus accompanying brood for a change! (She’s also got all her replacement feathers after this season’s moult and feels particularly glamorous I think!) As for the remaining birds, finding a sunny spot was the order of the day, with temperatures hovering around freezing.sunny spot

The muscovy ducks and ducklings seemed to be particularly keen on grazing the frozen grass. Hmmm…bare feet, icy lunch – it made me shiver to watch them! Oh, by the way, today one of the male ducklings escaped an even colder destination, so to speak, by being bought by some friends of ours as companion to their two female muscovies. Lucky lad!

Icy snack


Wintry weather and accompanying pastimes

November 3, 2012

There’s a distinct wintry, bleak feel to the glen at the moment. Temperatures have been falling below freezing most nights and the snow is still on top of the ridge. Let’s hope it stays there! But with the wintry conditions come wintry pastimes for the residents of Garybuie.

The Polytunnel Winter Spa for Hens is doing brisk buisiness…

…large pools are reappearing in the field behind us, so the ducks are happy…

…and (not suitable for vegetarians!) Kevin is well down the line of this season’s chicken processing…

Thanks to buying our three Plymouth Rock pullets last year at the poultry auction, we’ve had some good sized birds this year – one being 2 kilos, unheard of before at Garybuie! Still, we’re also getting some wee skinnies at half that weight, but hey, they still taste divine and perfect for two!

  As far as my winter pastime goes, today I completed my painting of Patches, which I intend to use as our Christmas card design this year. Generally I’m pleased by the outcome and I’m particularly happy with Patches’ eye and the bauble…and maybe the foliage. Other parts could be better, but a bit of self-criticism (or criticism from anywhere else for that matter!) can only lead to improvement. Hopefully!

Because of the Christmas thing and that she’s a kitten/cute, Patches jumped the Portrait Queue a wee bitty, as Hamie was originally intended to be my first model of the season. Your turn next girl!

   Another winter pastime, for both of us, is reading. I’ve just finished a book which I enjoyed more than anything in ages; Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman. Very amusing and quirky. I’ve also read ‘American Gods’ by him and have watched the film ‘Stardust’, also by him (and filmed, in part, on Skye) but this one is the best of the three, in my opinion. Just thought I’d pass that one on to you in case you’re browsing your library shelves!

All (or almost all) is revealed!

October 26, 2012

There was a particularly chilly scene awaiting us this morning and that biting north-easterly is still with us. Brrrrr…


There’s something less frigid to report on from here in the valley bottom however! Our new view across the glen is almost totally revealed! What do you think – an improvement on our old view? We are pleased with the outcome of the tree-felling operations, but I know of one Buzzard who is particularly miffed at losing his home. I hope that he manages to find a new one without too much difficulty, but preferably NOT in any of our trees!

New view



old view

Something seasonal

December 21, 2011

On this occasion I’m going to apologise in advance – rather than  my more usual, belated excuses – for a lack of posts over the coming week or so. Of course you can no doubt guess  that it’s Christmas which is responsible for the temporary removal of my blogging hat, with one – or indeed several – of a more festive nature replacing it. Naturally at this time of year, it’s a chef’s hat which will be most frequently in use. I have a few ideas which should see us over the festive period and feel privileged to be able to use either home produced or locally sourced ingredients.

Last year, there was just the two of us celebrating that special day and we had a wonderful, relaxing time together, enjoying our first muscovy duck for dinner as I recall. Mmmmm….! This year is a whole different ball game however. Of course, dad is already here as a permanent Garybuie resident since September but this year, both of our sons and daughters-in-law are joining us. I guess that our unborn twin grandchildren will be kind of joining us too and I very much hope that they’ll be able to sense all the family’s happiness on the outside of their current cosy abode!

I thought I’d finish this brief blog with a few seasonal pictures from Garybuie, past and present, which may help you to feel festive…



My kind of snow

December 17, 2011

It was my kind of snow in the glen today – high on the ridge and not making outdoor chores difficult down here at Garybuie! Just enough in fact to produce a pretty winter’s scene and make me feel festive enough to bring out the Christmas carol CD while I wrapped gifts, put marzipan on the Christmas cake and made mince pies!


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