Death of a phone box

A big change here at Garybuie today, not to mention the Glen as a whole. The removal of our phone box! To be fair, it hasn’t been used, for the phone at least, for several years. Even so, as we sit right beside it, it’s an excellent landmark to use in directions to find us. Have to think of something else now!

If we had a pound for every photograph taken of the phone box by tourists, we’d have retired some time ago!

7 Responses to “Death of a phone box”

  1. mandala56 Says:

    I find this really sad! I’ve always looked forward to visiting England and taking photos just like everyone else!

  2. manicmumdays Says:

    A sad sign of the times … that said I can’t remember the last tome I used a bloc phone 🤔 maybe 20years?

    • manicmumdays Says:

      * should be “ last time I used a public phone” lol

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes, it was very popular, with visitors in particular, when we first moved to the Glen 18 years ago as there was no mobile signal. Then Wi-Fi came along and latterly a mobile signal, so there’s no need for the box. (Other than shelter for anyone caught out in bad weather on the ridge!)

  3. Gerlinde de Broekert Says:

    You had a beautiful phone box . Too bad because it could’ve been turned into something nice . Oh well, the times they are changing!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It was in a very poor state of repair. Sometimes I think we can look at such things in a very romantic way!

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