It’s Gertrude’s fault!

Now I should have LOADS of pictures to show you after our trip south, enjoying a holiday with family at Centre Parcs in Penrith. The problem however, is that I neglected to pack my CAMERA! Can you believe it? I blame Gertrude, the storm that is. She swept across Skye the night before we travelled and in her rush, decided to uproot one of our large conifers out back. Uproot and leave reclining gracefully on the power cables! Fortunately, the power guys were on the ball arriving on the scene within the hour, calling in the tree-cutters, felling the tree, cutting it into logs and stacking them, clearing up loose debris and restoring power by mid afternoon! That’s what I call customer service! Anyway, in all the excitement, my camera was forgotten.
En route south, we stayed overnight in Falkirk and visited the Kelpies there. Of course no camera, so I’m relying on the Helix Park website to provide a photo of the breath-taking, 90 feet high sculpture. We could have stayed there all day, seeing how the appearance of the steel-clad beasts constantly changed in the shifting light. We will return!


As for Centre Parcs, we had a great time – mainly in the pool, where there were waves, rapids, slides and flumes galore! I’ll tell you something, Granny and Grandad Skye slept VERY well! The weather was kind too so the kiddies got lots of cycling in although poor Patrick was under the weather so couldn’t make the most of it. Here he seems to be using Jedi mind control to work the pedals, rather than his weary legs!


Even the twins’ legs gave out eventually, needing a ride home at the end of a long day…


Thankfully our daughter-in-law, Sarah, was more reliable than me in the photographic department!

On our return to Skye, the bathroom – yes, the saga continues – is almost complete. In the photos it looks complete but we still await a diamond bit and a plumber to return from holiday, cut the marble and plumb in the basin. ‘Smoked Trout’ is the paint colour. Who comes up with these names?!!




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4 Responses to “It’s Gertrude’s fault!”

  1. Diane Fairhall Says:

    I’m glad you had a good time, Christine, even sans camera! And your post was really helpful. I had been racking my brains for the name of the huge horses! We want to visit them this year as well as the Falkirk Wheel. So many thanks!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    We wanted to visit the wheel to but it was closed for renovation. Anyway, the snow had started so we thought we’d better get on with our journey! Next time!

  3. writeanne Says:

    Yes the Kelpies and the Wheel are on my list too. Sounds llike you had a good trip south. Lovely pics too. Good to hear about the great service you got after the tree came down.

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    The SSE guys always impress me Anne, out there in all weathers doing their job. They’re even more impressive when it’s up close and personal however. Service with a smile too!

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