Watery matters

What with rain, rain and yet more rain – both the vertical and horizontal varieties – there not much of The View to see! So, I let Puff provide a little interest in today’s shot.


There’s really not much to report at the moment. We’re down to just our permanent residents in the garden, so outdoor chores are down to a minimum. Of course this reduction in numbers does mean that we have a couple of well-stocked freezers!
It’s the time of year when we head south to visit family but no WWOOFERs this time, just our trusty neighbour, Gerlinde, and for the first time, morning duties will be carried out by a young neighbour, Elliot, on his way to school.

So, before we head off, I thought I’d show you how the VERY slow progression of our bathroom transformation is going!


I’ve got everything crossed here in the hope of the plumber returning within the next couple of days! After the joiner completed his work last week, we still need the shower, towel rail and sink fitting.

At the moment, we have a Wash-Stand minus the all important wash part!



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2 Responses to “Watery matters”

  1. writeanne Says:

    The bathroom’s coming on – Yes, the concept of ‘Skye time’ can be wearisome when you just want to get something finished.

    Puff is looking good despite the damp. At least there was a brief respite from the rain today – I managed some of my daily walk in sunshine this morning!

    Enjoy your trip to the south.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Yes, that early dry interlude was an unexpected gift Anne! As for the bathroom, first thing tomorrow morning apparently!

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