The first frost

Finally we have a break in the wet and windy weather. We’ve had our first minus figures – albeit SMALL minus figures – these past couple of days and what a difference it makes. The ground has firmed up with a fairly hard frost and it’s much easier getting around the place; much nicer than slithering around in mud.
Polly Blue-tail and Mrs Under-by decided that a higher perch was the best way to prevent frosty feet!


“Hey Big Fella, what’s up with this water then?”

Big Fella

One thing’s for sure, everyone is keen to make the most of a high-energy snack of mealworms.

mealworm feast

Back in from the cold, the bathroom project is seemingly heading from bad to worse. There is however, a plumber on the near horizon! A joiner on the other hand is apparently an even rarer breed but never mind, I guess that half a bathroom will be better than none!



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