A bathroom and a book!

Sunset at the end of the glen…


Things outdoors are moving quietly along in their winter’s way. There are still a lot of young birds around because of everything starting so late this year. Even so, Kevin gets on with his dispatching duties when times are right. It is lovely to have our own chicken (and ducks) in the freezer again!
Indoors however, is a different story. There’s the usual repair and replacement going on in the BandB rooms but our big excitement this winter is the imminent (hopefully!) installation of a new bathroom! Now I know that most of you wouldn’t put this high on your list of exciting things but we are easily pleased! When we bought Garybuie, we inherited delightful(!), eighty’s, dark blue bathroom suite and after thirteen years, I think that we’ve done enough retro! What do you think?

retro bathroom

I shall show you the new look!

Things have also been busy for me on the creative front. During the BandB season, two separate guests asked for pet portraits, which was quite a challenge at such a busy time! Since then, the same guests have asked for three new portraits between them which is was great!

There was Albi…


…then Solo…


…and soon to be completed, Max.


Some of you may remember the strange incident back in 2012 when poor old Broody Brenda had her nest stolen! I thought that it would make a nice children’s story, so I wrote it and submitted it to various children’s book publishers. No luck there however, so after it sat around for a while and because we now have three young grandchildren of course, I decided to get it printed myself.


So now I have a surplus of ‘Broody Brenda and the Nest thief’! I shall put them on sale for next year’s visitors but in the meantime, if any of you have a child or grandchild (3-5 yrs) who might like such a tale for themselves, then get in touch and I shall dispatch a copy tout suite! They cost £5.00 plus postage.


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6 Responses to “A bathroom and a book!”

  1. recyclersa Says:

    Congratulations on being published 🙂 Your portraits are gorgeous as always, I always marvel at how I want to reach in and pet the animals because they look so alive! I feel for you in the bathroom department, I had an avocado green horror to deal with when I purchased in 1987. Laura

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Ah…avocado! Mum and dad had one of those! Of course, as our plumber said, the brown ones were the worst!!! Thanks for the portrait comment Laura!

  3. helsyd Says:

    any wonder you keep getting commissions your portraits look amazing 🙂

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thank you very much! I don’t get too many commissions really; this year,they’ve been a bit like buses – none at all then five all at once!!! I enjoy doing them although it would be nice to paint something other than dogs and cats for a change!

  4. bluebunny01 Says:

    What wonderful portraits of the dogs – you are so talented. And congratulations on the book, it looks great.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thank you! We’re hoping that Broody Brenda remains in robust health this year as our twin grandchildren are coming to visit in May and it would be nice for them to meet her in ‘person’!

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