Not quite Goldilocks…

…who as we all know, carefully tested everything in the Three Bears’ home until she found perfection.

Polly Blue-tail

We don’t have a Goldilocks but we do have a Polly Blue-tail who has been testing various nesting sites over the past couple of weeks; her own house, the Guineas’ house, the shed and finally the silkies’ home. But even there, she built FIVE nests before deciding on the perfect one in which to lay!


She will NOT be allowed to rear a third brood!

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2 Responses to “Not quite Goldilocks…”

  1. pattisj Says:

    It sounds like she is quite the discerning duck when it comes to the perfect home for her babies.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    She certainly is! She’s had two families this season though so no more!

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