Blue skies on Skye

After the high winds and horizontal hail of recent days, no wonder Huff looks surprised at the arrival of a perfect blue sky!


Time for our first three-hour-holiday of the season; off on the bike to Plockton on the mainland.


Plockton is a beautiful spot, especially on such a clear, sunny day.


Our main reason for visiting however, is to call in at the Plockton Inn for lunch. They have the most delicious seafood menu using local fish. Their prices are very reasonable too.


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6 Responses to “Blue skies on Skye”

  1. thesnowwoman Says:

    Enjoy your day out, it looks beautiful.

  2. jaz Says:

    i would love to go there and eat seafood!

  3. writeanne Says:

    Huff looks very handsome as well as surprised 🙂

    This weather is wonderful. Plockton is ideal for a motorbike ride – and yes, the food at the Inn is great. I do like your idea of the three-hour holiday.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It’s those short holidays which help re-charge our batteries when the season gets busy! More often than not we hop on the bike with a picnic and find a less ‘touristy’ spot! As for Huff, he’s always pleased with himself when he manages to get onto the shed roof, especially balancing on one leg!

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