Let the growing season commence!

I know that I got all enthusiastic the other day about the (hopefully) imminent arrival of spring. Well, we’re still getting some reasonable weather but quite cold these past couple of days. Gerlinde asked when I start planting our veg; in a nutshell, not yet, outside at least, although there’s a wee bit of planting and germination going on under cover!
In the conservatory where there’s some warmth, our first greenery is making an appearance; salad leaves, herbs, cauliflowers, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and chillis.


Now that I’ve reclaimed the polytunnel from the hens, things are looking ship-shape, albeit not very interesting! But, the potatoes (which I’d forgotten to order until last week!) are a-chitting, under the damp patches on the left are some early peas and spinach, the seed tray holds broad beans and in the background are some fairly feeble strawberry plants!


In a week or so I shall plant some carrots and parsnips, closely followed by our early potatoes. Kevin rotivated the veg plot a couple of days ago so we’re ready for action. Shame really, it looks SO neat! As I may have told you before, I prefer the animal side of things really but at least this year, what with providing optional dinner for our B and B guests, I have more of an incentive on the herbaceous front as what a treat it will be to provide freshly picked vegetables and salad!

veg plot

With only five more days to go until the expected hatch date of our first quail, everything’s ready for them in the old church. Here is the brooder. We shall just use the one on the right and if more space is required as the birds grow, there’s a partition between both brooders which can be removed, almost doubling the floor space.


As the birds outgrow the brooder, then the floor runs are also ready.

Quail runs

Kevin is now putting his efforts into constructing outdoor quail accommodation for when summer arrives!


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2 Responses to “Let the growing season commence!”

  1. Diane Fairhall Says:

    I suppose quail are difficult as they will fly away if not completely enclosed? I knew a chap who kept quail on one of the allotments in Settle and he kept them undercover all the time. They were very cute.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      That’s true Diane. Kevin has covered all the runs with butterfly netting should the wee things decide to do the pogo thing! We decided that netting would be better than chicken wire – less chance of concussion!

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