Moving forwards…

…to spring, hopefully. It was another beautiful day on Skye yesterday, albeit a wee bit hazy.

the view

Everybody’s just been happy doing what they do. Sitting on the shed roof checking up on what I’m doing in the kitchen…

Puff and Biggles

…taking a dip…


…or a snooze…


…or just watching the world go by.


The guinea Fowl are enjoying widespread foraging in this dry weather. (They are also starting to arrange themselves into pairs ready for the spring season)

guinea fowl

It’s foraging nearer to home however for our young Silkie family. I love seeing them all together!


BB however has other things on her mind – or under breast to be more accurate! Here she is in a dark corner, happily sitting on 6 eggs. (Not her own of course but don’t tell her!)


As of yesterday, someone else decided to sit too – Polly Bluetail. Here she is giving me that warning look through the a wee gap in her nest box!

Polly bluetail

Today I closed the hens’ Winter Spa’, a decision which didn’t go down well I can tell you! I told them that I didn’t give two hoots, as I need to get the place ready for planting. The displaced soon had plenty to do though, ‘helping’ Kevin as he cleared some of the rough ground outside the old church in preparation for quail summer housing.


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2 Responses to “Moving forwards…”

  1. Gerlinde Says:

    It looks like spring has arrived in your glen. When do you start planting your garden?

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Outside, probably at the end of this month for things like potatoes and other root veg. I do have some seedlings showing their faces in the conservatory where its warmer; mainly salad stuff, herbs and a couple of brassicas. Last week, after reclaiming the polytunnel from the hens, I planted some early peas, spinach and broad beans in modules. Things don’t get going until a wee bit later than many places up in this part of the world but they soon catch up in the summer when we have 22 hours of daylight! (Including the weeds)

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