Lights out!

Today has been a beautiful day; barely a breeze, blue sky and only birdsong to hear. A peaceful end to the day as this shot over the polytunnel shows.


Yesterday however was a different story. Hurricane force wind and of course horizontal rain with a really bad attitude! We were working in the old church for most of the day; Kevin busy with his quail accommodation and me having a painting/spring cleaning of the place after a recent major clear-out of accumulated junk. We could barely hear ourselves think over the constant roar of the wind. The ducks persevered out in the field but all the other birds remained in the polytunnel, sulking. Thelma and Louise didn’t set foot over the threshold. Never mind, the slow cooker was on the go with dinner and there was a nice hot bath to look forward to at the end of the day. Then the lights went out. There had been two five-minute power cuts during the afternoon, but this one was set to linger. You get a feel for these things. If the lights suddenly go out, The Man with the Big Switch is seemingly messing with the Highland grid for some reason but if the lights flicker a couple of times and THEN go out, something’s broken! I’d just settled into the much looked forward to bath with my book when flicker, flicker, total blackness! Luckily Kevin was a good boy scout and rose to the occasion, gallantly appearing in the bathroom with some candles, lighting candles everywhere else and going out into the foul night to dig out the camping stove. My favourite thing. Lovely.

camping stove

It may look very romantic but it’s anything but and I allowed my self a minor grumble as I transferred dinner from the slow cooker into a pan as it hadn’t quite attained the required cooking time. However, one must maintain standards even when dealing with a temperamental, primitive cooking device so yes, that is a glass of sherry in the foreground!
For some reason, Patches, who HATES wind and rain, seemed to disapprove of the whole candlelit idea and promptly clattered out through the cat-flap into the night. Of course with every gust of wind, the thing blew open, letting in a very unwelcome blast of cold air. So, the boy scout stepped in once more, sitting next to the kitchen door, armed with my duck crook, poking the flapping flap closed when required. An unusual pre-dinner activity you must agree!

flap duty

Thankfully, Patches returned before we ate so we could lock that flapper!


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3 Responses to “Lights out!”

  1. writeanne Says:

    Enjoyed this post. I smiled at the husband keeping the catflap shut – what a gent! We’re away from home at the moment, returning to Skye on Sunday. Just hoping we still have a roof and walls.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Oh, this wind! It’s so NOISY! At least we’ve had a change of direction today, easterly, so a nippy one! I’ve never had a visit from a fellow Skye inhabitant. I’ve just popped over to your blog and shall visit again. Hopefully, you’ll find your home intact on Sunday!

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