Girls together

A perfect day; crisp and cold to start with, developing into a gloriously, sunny winter’s day.

The view

Polly blue-tail has abandoned here misconceived early nest, thoroughly enjoying the great outdoors once more. (Mrs Under-by is currently making a nest in the shed!)

Polly Blue-tail

Most of the hens, ducks and Guinea Gang were foraging far and wide, unavailable to the camera but BB and Wee Man came to keep us company in the veg plot…


…while we finally got around to completing the fruit cage in its permanent position.

fruit cage

The best news however, is that almost a week after Thelma hatched her chick, Louise, her sister, produced a solitary offspring and both girls seem thrilled with this whole motherhood thing! Silkies are certainly different in their behaviour than ‘regular’ hens. I have never seen any mother hen getting so close to another with her chicks…

Thelma and Louise

Even more interesting, is that when it comes time for a snooze, both chicks keep each other company under one hen! Look at these two wee faces peeping out from under Thelma…

Thelma and Louise

We took out the partition which separated the Silkie run into two and now all four adults, including Wee Man, are living as a family group! Louise sleeps with BB and Wee Man, whilst Thelma snuggles down with both chicks in a nest box. Amazing!


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4 Responses to “Girls together”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    I miss my Silkies, they are good Mums too. So glad to see you are warming up a bit. Laura

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Today’s weather is completely different; grey sky and a strong wind. It doesn’t feel quite so inspirational as yesterday! One thing on Skye, the weather is never boring!

  3. mandala56 Says:

    Those silkies are adorable!

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    And very entertaining Jeanne! Not smiling when you’re around them is impossible!

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