Snow and other matters monochrome

THE VIEW from a slightly different angle today. Beautiful, but hardly rising above freezing.

The view

The snow reached down to Garybuie a couple of days ago, not much more than a smattering really, but I’m still not keen. Still, I shan’t complain after hurricane force winds deftly removed some of our roof tiles and a couple of large-ish tree boughs prior to the arrival of the white stuff.


MacLoed's tables

But, at least the sun made an appearance today and most feathered residents congregated outside the old church for some serious sunbathing. It amused me to see that they divided into same species groups – talk about clannish!


None of this sun worshipping for Lucky and Chance however, they spent a lot of their day keeping their feet ‘warm’ in the running water!

Lucky and Chance

I’ve mentioned in the past that I subscribe to an art magazine, ‘Paint’,
and probably my favourite artist is Vic Bearcroft. His animal portraits in soft pastels are stunning but recently he’s moved on to monochrome portraits using Indian ink. So, Patches being a monochrome kind of cat, I thought that I’d give it a go. There’s plenty wrong with it but overall I’m quite pleased with the outcome.



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5 Responses to “Snow and other matters monochrome”

  1. kathryningrid Says:

    So glad you weren’t harder hit by the hurricane. A true force to be reckoned with indeed! Your menagerie appears to have weathered it all handsomely. And Patches looks as elegant on the watch as he does snuggly when sprawled indoors for his nap in the convenient come-rub-my-belly pose! 🙂 Nice ink work, Christine!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Very high winds are not unusual on Skye in winter Kathryn. However, these were direct westerlies, which is unusual and therefore caused an unusual amount of damage. Our local hotel lost most of its roof and several large, mature trees.
      As for Patches, well; apart from the legs akimbo positions, she’s really quite good at posing! She has an underdeveloped eye however, so she always asks me to get her best side!

      • kathryningrid Says:

        Whoops, my apologies to Patches for the inadvertent sex change! 😉

        I do know how it is when you’re used to high winds but get some with added attitude. The damage to buildings is awful, but I admit I’m even more saddened by the loss of great old trees, since those can sometimes have taken generations to grow. The most important thing, of course, is that the people and other animals are safe!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I agree Kathryn, especially when trees aren’t particularly abundant on Skye.
    P.S. Patches doesn’t mind, “What’s a boy? What’s a girl? I’m a cat!”

    • kathryningrid Says:

      Haha!! 😉 Yay, Patches!

      You reminded me that even in places like where I grew up near Seattle, where big trees are abundant, we mourn the loss of even one such beauty!

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