It’s been a busy old week. There were a couple of nice, dry days, so it gave me the chance to plant our new raspberry and blackcurrant plants. The plants we have at the moment are very old and it’s time for some new stock. The old D.I.Y fruit cage has taken a battering over the years so will be demolished after next season’s raspberry crop. Of course we now have our new fruit cage, gifted to us by our friends recently before they moved south of the border, which has been great temporary accommodation for the Guinea Gang. Anyway, I measured a space for the cage in the veg plot and planted or new bushes within the boundary. In this picture you can see the fruit cage in its present position beyond the veg plot – along with an inquisitive Guinea fowl!

Fruit bushes

I’ve also been busy indoors too with all things festive; making this year’s Garybuie Christmas cards, along with pickles and preserves as gifts.

Pickles & preserves

Another gift wrapped and posted was my latest portrait, Toby, who belongs to an elderly lady whom I’ve known for most of my life, down in England.


And then the BIG news; The Guineas are OUT! We really didn’t want to wait six weeks before granting them their freedom, so after just less than three weeks,
we decided to risk removing the netting around the cage yesterday. There was careful exploration of their extended environment and they all went to bed in the evening like good little guineas! Today they’ve been more adventurous, exploring the garden…



…checking out the fast food joint (not impressed!)…


…and checking US out through the kitchen window!



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9 Responses to “Freedom!”

  1. Diane Fairhall Says:

    Congratulations on your hard work! I love raspberries but have never been a fan of blackcurrants – I bought redcurrant and whitecurrant plants this year so hope for a crop next. I really like guinea fowl (to look at, not to eat!) their plumage is so beautiful. Great pic of them looking through the window. πŸ™‚ I like how they go round in a gang and the funny little clucking sounds they make. I have a friend in France who has just bought a couple of Marans hybrids. She doesn’t normally buy hybrids but she too runs a B&B and needed to supplement her egg supply. They are laying but WON”T go to bed! She has to catch them and put them in, so your guineas are doing well. πŸ™‚

    • garybuie01 Says:

      One good thing about flocking birds is that they’re easier to round up – where one goes, they all go! Chickens are not flocking birds so will NOT be rounded up/guided! In their favour, if they find somewhere to roost close by their house – and not too high up! – they’re pretty easy to pluck off their perch as they go virtually comatose as they’re drifting off to sleep! I hope that your friend copes O.K.! Hope your fruit bushes are successful!

  2. cecilia Says:

    guineas LOVE looking at their own reflections.. in windows, in my old discarded miror in the garage and in the sides of shiny black cars and trucks.. cheeky fellas.. they do look great!I love how they stay in the flock.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      They are just SO comical! They’ve found their way out into the field now and suddenly, amid some serious squawking, they take off en masse and perform a dramatic landing in the veg plot! The poor ducks don’t know what’s going on and come waddling at double pace back into the garden, muttering, ” Noisy buggers aren’t they?!”

  3. gaye Murray Says:

    My greetings…
    So lovely to see my old friends and looking pretty much settled in! Sounds like they are exploring and checking routes home.
    We finally made it to Portugal after 5 epic days, arriving to full sun! But saw news of the weather bomb etc. Poor you and the Guinea gang! Hope no damage….?
    Thanks so much again

    • garybuie01 Says:

      So glad that you’ve arrived safely at your sunny destination! The ‘bomb’ was pretty grim, but we’ve had worse! No damage, just a very soggy garden. Honestly Gaye, those guineas just make us smile! They got used to my meal worm treats and now every time that I show my face, they make a bee-line for me and follow me wherever I’m going! I feel like the Pied Piper! Wormy treats are gradually being curtailed however as there’s plenty of foraging space. Maybe a handful for Christmas though!!!!

  4. kathryningrid Says:

    That photo of them crowded by the window absolutely made me laugh like a loon! Maybe you should put a little mirror by their food or bedding place just to keep them attracted to it…. Hilarious!

    “Toby” is another beauty of your portrait work, and as for your pickling/preserving work, OH MY! Well done, Christine!

    A joyful Christmas to you and your loved ones, and may your holidays be as festive as those guineas look in all their speckled glory (I suppose they can hardly be blamed for admiring themselves, can they!).


    • garybuie01 Says:

      Those guineas really are a scream! Not only can they see their reflection in the window but they can see ME in the kitchen! They have soon learnt when feeding time is and sit on that step by the window calling for me! Lucky and Chance, the Aylesburys, used to be on dinner alert, quacking loudly for about half an hour until I gave in! Apparently, they have now gone into retirement and handed over that duty to the guineas!
      Thanks for your kind comments about Toby too, I hope that his owner enjoys her gift!
      Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas Kathryn, with all good things for 2015.

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