Guinea fowl update


the view

A glorious day today! It got off to a chilly start but it has been one of those ‘good to be alive’ days; one when outdoor chores seem well, less of a chore! We really have been lucky with the weather this autumn. Anyway, enough of the weather and more about our recent additions to Garybuie – those Guinea Guys and Gals! Although their world is lamentably smaller than they’ve been used to, they seem more settled. Even the two bottom-of-the-ladder girls are managing to avoid confrontations. Kevin built a high perch in the run and those two really enjoy being up high where they can keep an eye on everyone else.


They are becoming more inquisitive, with the head honcho (or at least one of them!) leading all investigations…

guinea fowl

Here he is again, checking what I’m up to in the coop!

guinea fowl

Twice each day, mid-morning and afternoon feeing time, I make a point of calling to them (‘Chick, Chick Chickies!’ – is that right Gaye?) and treating them to a few meal worms. Although they can’t see me when I come out of the kitchen door, if they hear my voice, they start to chatter excitedly and as I approach their enclosure, they pace along the fence line in eager anticipation of their treat! The two bottom-rungers get their treat separately in the smaller run just outside the coop. Hopefully, this ploy will help when they become free-range should I need to call them at bed-time, if they forget where their house is!



8 Responses to “Guinea fowl update”

  1. cecilia Says:

    when i first trained my guineas i used to herd them with broom sticks into the barn,(like geese) of course now they are in bed before anyone else.. don’t yours have pretty markings.. love their little house. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Some years ago, our youngest son bought me a shepherd’s crook for rounding up ducks and it’s perfect. I was hoping that this might come in useful with the guineas too, which according to your advice it should!

  2. leo murray Says:

    Gaye here! All going in right direction by sounds of it!!!! Especially the chick chick Chickie’s bit! Don’t be surprised if they don’t rush out when the 6weeks is up by the way. They may be really slow to venture forth but best left to take their guinea time! You have made me smile ! Thanks! What’s gone wrong with the weather??

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I’m so glad that you’ve popped in to check on your guineas and I hope that your mind has been put at rest – I know that you’re very fond of them. Six weeks is such a long time and we’re tempted to let them out a wee bit earlier. We’ll see. I just hate to see any kind of beastie cooped up. By the way, all the best to you both next week, enjoy your Gap Year!

  3. RecyclerSA Says:

    Hmm seeing your pic’s got me wondering if there is such a thing as a white Guinea and was amazed to find the myriad of colours – even a powder blue without spots or barring! the best link I found is
    Feel free to delete link – if you don’t want it.
    Interesting, learnt something new today, thanks 🙂 Laura

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    Well, we certainly have a variety! The lavender girl is particularly beautiful! Of course with such varied markings, it helps us identify each bird which can be useful. Thanks for the link, it’s interesting to see.

  5. kathryningrid Says:

    Beautiful birds, Christine! I love the checkered feathers—so lacy looking—and their great mini-dinosaur crests. What charmers. 😀

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