Something afoot

Today has been a BEAUTIFUL day! Yesterday evening we were treated to a wonderful sunset…


…and this evening we had a fabulous reflected sunset on the Ridge, with autumn showing off all her vibrant colours.

The view

We’ve both been working in the garden all day today, tidying the place up for the winter and putting the finishing touches to a new residence. Huff and his ladies are going to get new neighbours. “Hope they’re not noisy neighbours.” he said. Hmmmm. Fortunately, our friends who have recently moved back south to England gifted us with their wonderful fruit cage. It’s come in very handy to create a perfect temporary extension to the over-by coop.

New neighbours

The imminent new neighbours need to be restricted in their movements for six weeks, until they get used to their new home, then the fruit cage will be moved to its permanent position in the veg patch. I guess you’ll just have to watch this space to see who moves in!


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4 Responses to “Something afoot”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    Geese or maybe Turkeys? … Ok I give up 🙂 Laura

  2. cecilia Says:

    Neighbours! how exciting.. c

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