An update on Garybuie’s gang

As promised a couple of days ago, here’s an update of avian antics on our wee patch of Skye. After freeing Dotty, one of the musco-teers, from her confinement after she’d ventured just too far from the homestead, she upped and disappeared the following day! Kevin has searched but there’s been no sign of her since. Either she’s come to a violent end or she’ll return in a couple of weeks with yet more ducklings in tow. So now we’re down to two musco-teers and one of them, Mrs Under-by, who raised her family under the chicken coop you may remember, has now gone broody INSIDE the coop!

Mrs Under-by

I’ve removed her eggs but she’s still sitting and each evening I remove her too, putting her in the main duck house, hoping to break the broodiness. At least BB finally gave up on her nest in the duck house after being transported home every evening.


silkie eggThelma and Louise, BB’s Silkie offspring, have come into lay but unfortunately have followed their mother’s example by laying in the duck house too! Hopefully they won’t go broody.

Most of the hens are undergoing their annual moult and look a bonnie mess, even Big Fella has lost his magnificence!

Big Fella

There is someone who’s looking good however; Brenda.

Broody Brenda

She’s still spending life quietly but obviously that’s doing the trick as her limp is far less pronounced and she’s looking in generally good condition. What a star!

There are some new faces around the place at the moment as the cows have come to make their annual visit to the field behind us. They come to check that I’m doing things right at cleaning-out time, congregating by the fence watching my every move with those long-lashed eyes.


They seem a lot less frisky than last year’s herd – and no bull – so hopefully Chance won’t get trampled this time around! Don’t you just love a cow’s nose…

cow's nose


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2 Responses to “An update on Garybuie’s gang”

  1. kathryningrid Says:

    I adore cows, noses and all. Glad they’re not too frisky for safety, though. 😉 I’m especially elated to see how Brenda’s getting on: she looks superb! 😀

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Since then the cows have been moved higher up the hill so no more Bovine visitors! I’m glad in a way as we’re heading south to visit family on Thursday and now I don’t have to worry about ducks becoming entangled with cow feet!

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