The new camera arrives

new camera My new camera arrived yesterday. A shiny purple one (I am a 70’s girl after all!). Last evening we had a very gentle, soothing sunset. No brash colours shouting, “Hey, look at me, aren’t I specTACular!”

gentle sunset

gentle sunset

This afternoon however, there was lots of colour in The View…

the view

…and this was taken just two hours later, the Ridge reflecting one of those more ‘In Your Face’ sunsets!

the view

My new Purple Pal has got all kinds of new settings for me to get my head around, but I think that they could be fun! BB certainly looks impressed with her ’19th Centuary’ sepia portrait, complete with hat!


And Huff, I think, looks particularly distinguished with his Victorian look!


Choosing red as the only colour makes us focus on Biggles’ face rather than her semi-naked undercarriage! The poor lass is losing feathers by the handful, or maybe that should be bill-full, at the moment.


My bonnie girls, Puff and Biggles.

Puff and Biggles


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2 Responses to “The new camera arrives”

  1. kathryningrid Says:

    Your girls are all such fashionable dames! The new camera is clearly going to be fun to experiment with and you will find all sorts of ways to show off the flock!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    The problem is that at the moment, most of the birds are moulting and aren’t at their most photogenic!

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