Cameras can’t swim

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggThis time last week, after serving the last breakfast of the season, we hopped (hopped? me?) on the bike, trust camera in pocket and headed for Inverness to get some work done on said bike. The weather was glorious, so Kevin suggested a detour up a hitherto unexplored glen which was en-route.

The detour involved branching off from Loch Ness and its monster into Glen Affrick. It was, of course, beautiful and there were several tempting paths heading off to various waterfalls. However, the investigation of these paths will have to wait for another occasion when we’re not kitted out in full biker’s regalia; much too hot and cumbersome for a hike!

Glen Affrick

Glen Affrick

Glen Affrick

We stayed overnight in Inverness and the following morning was sunny and warm – HOT in the gear! After retrieving the bike we headed home. About an hour into the journey, there was an ominous looking sky ahead. Was that mist? Nope, rain – of the horizontal variety! So for the last two thirds of our journey we got a thorough soaking, arriving home with both our feet paddling within our boots and me wet through to my knickers because of the spray off the back of the bike! It was only the day after when Kevin was checking our abandoned wet gear that he discovered my wee trusty camera sitting in a puddle in my jacket pocket. It had drowned, weighing twice as much as it did pre-swim. The memory card had survived so at least I could show you a few shots of our trip but no more Garybuie’s blog until Wednesday, when Amazon assures me that a new, hopefully trusty wee camera will arrive. With wetsuit. And water-wings.


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6 Responses to “Cameras can’t swim”

  1. Diane Fairhall Says:

    Christine, congrats on your last breakfast of the season – I’m sure it was as delicious as your first! Glen Affrick looks lovely – I’m afraid we were not enamoured by Loch Ness when we went 2012 but would have liked to have explored the side glens if we’d had time. Being ‘wet to the knickers’ is a familiar feeling to me, once having fallen from a rocky stepping stone into the River Ure and once receiving a thorough wetting on a boat coming back from the Farne Islands.
    We have booked for the Orkneys June next year so we won’t be seeing you unless it’s later in the year. Thanks for your info about the Orkneys, 🙂 Enjoy your ‘close season’ and hugs to you, Kevin and the furbabies. 🙂 x

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I think that Loch Ness is the least impressive of all the Scottish lochs but some of the back roads and branch roads are stunning.
    Looking back through the diary, it appears that I cooked approximately 550 breakfasts this season! If I’d realised that was the potential before I started, I probably would have stuck my head in the oven!!!!!
    Enjoy Orkney Diane and get some padding for your knees in all those tombs!

  3. Diane Fairhall Says:

    550! That’s amazing – I wonder how many different people that represents? Even more amazing that you only have two rooms. I bet you think that’s more than enough. 🙂 I think I have some knee-pads somewhere although I prefer to do my sight-seeing from an upright position!

  4. kathryningrid Says:

    I’m just glad the two of *you* didn’t drown in the horizontal rain! Like you, we can get some spectacular down- (or across-) pours, and it’s hard to find space in all that water to breathe! Sorry about your camera, but a new one will undoubtedly be great fun. 😉 I’ve yet to be in more than a tiny corner of Scotland, and at that, confined to a train, so it’s high on my list to visit one day and really see it…hope I’ll remember to bring my rain gear, but having been born not so far from the rainforest in Washington state, I do know I was born waterproof! 😀 So glad you got a little break from breakfast-making!!

  5. garybuie01 Says:

    Glad to hear from someone else who’s used to rain with attitude! We toured The Pacific North Western states some years ago in a hired RV. Stunningly beautiful. Maybe one day you will be able to return to Scotland and even visit Skye. I can rustle up a good breakfast for you!

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