A prisoner and an escapee

Well, we may have clipped Dotty’s wings but she wasn’t to be thwarted, deciding to WALK all the way to wherever her nest is! So now, for her own protection, she is a temporary prisoner. Hopefully it won’t take long for her to give up on the nesting idea.


Meanwhile, Brenda discharged herself from the hospital wing yesterday! She moved back into the main coop last night, on the perch with the other girls. She’s still limping but has walked quite some distance already today, her few days of peace and quiet apparently having done her some good.



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4 Responses to “A prisoner and an escapee”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Love your birds, i do wish i had more success with birds, I blame you, yours are so gorgeous! which makes me want more.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Oh I don’t know, if it wasn’t for that bastard mink your birds seem fine. Now that you’ve got Boo on the case though…

  2. RecyclerSA Says:

    Phew, it worked 😀 Your Big Guy is huge! Laura

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