Nesting urges and some intensive care

A certain duck named Dotty is in trouble. She’s stayed out all night a couple of times and we suspect that she was laying away. Dad saw her launching off his roof and flying towards the river on several occasions. The last thing we want are yet more ducklings (Kevin’s just about finished dispatching the abundant earlier group), especially not out with the bounds of Garybuie. So, before she had the chance of getting settled in the great outdoors, where of course predators lurk, she has suffered the indignity of having her wings clipped once more. Only a pool-side perch for now Dotty dear! Dotty Someone else who’s decided to nest in an unsuitable place is BB! Here she is, in the corner of Huff’s house. BB She’s taken to laying her eggs in this corner for a week or so. Of course I’ve removed them each day but she’s none the less gone broody! So now she has to be unceremoniously transported to her own home each evening!

A couple of you have been kind enough to enquire after Brenda. There’s not really any improvement in her walking yet, but the unwanted attentions of the great, galumphing Big Fella, was doing her no good at all! So last evening, after all the other birds had gone to bed, Brenda sidled quietly into the coop where she settled in the corner. She’d been hiding under the bushes all day. I took the opportunity to take her to a more suitable location for her (hopeful) recovery. So now she’s ensconced in the over-by coop where she has food and water and can get out into an enclosed run if she wants, safe from sexual harassment! Fingers crossed that the peace and quiet will give her chance to heal. Brenda

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4 Responses to “Nesting urges and some intensive care”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    Crazy Hens πŸ™‚ Still holding very tight thumbs that Brenda recovers fully. Laura

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Tight thumbs eh? I’ve never heard of that one but hopefully your efforts will work wonders for Brenda!

  3. RecyclerSA Says:

    did it work yet ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll just cross everything possible, that will teach me not to check my grammar properly first! Laura

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    Sounds good! (and uncomfortable!)

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