If you snooze you loose

Patches and Pusscat

Now you might think that Brenda, Her Broodiness, is out for the count here, perched on the wee wall outside the kitchen door.


But do not be fooled; you only have to turn you back for one second if the kitchen door is open and she’s IN, devouring any tasty morsels left as a later snack by those comatose cats!


Just ten minutes ago however, she wasn’t quick enough when crossing the road outside and was caught by a passing van. We suspect that she just received a glancing blow resulting in a small cut on her left leg and a limp with her right. She is bearing weight on it though, so hopefully a good night’s rest will do her good. She’s looking a bit shell-shocked at the moment and Big Fella is keeping an eye on her, after all, she is Top Hen.


She’s our special girl so hopefully she will make a full recovery.



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6 Responses to “If you snooze you loose”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    Oh no! Hope Brenda recovers … nasty speeding van. Laura

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes, there are one or two residents in the glen who drive far too fast. Today Brenda, tomorrow could be a child. We’ll know when Brenda’s truly on the road to recovery when she reappears in the kitchen on one of her stealth missions!

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Oh poor Brenda; we are all hoping for a full recovery for your wee lass!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Well, she’s up and about today albeit in a hobbling way. Her little face is bright though and she’s eating and drinking. We doubt that anything is broken, perhaps just badly bruised. Fingers crossed.

  3. kathryningrid Says:

    I hope Brenda’s up to raiding the cat food again very soon! Poor girl. I’d have been with the cats, too unconscious to notice anything going on, anyway. There’s a reason many of my family and friends call me Kat besides just my name: I see nothing at all wrong with napping 18 hours a day, either! All of your animal companions are so beautiful, it’s a joy just to look at them.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Come the end of the BandB season, 18 hours a day napping sounds VERY inviting! As for Brenda, things aren’t looking too great at the moment with not much sign of improvement. It doesn’t help matters when both cockerels can’t quell their desires for her and we literally have to fight them off with a stick!

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