The exploits of Dotty

The View – 8.30 a.m.

The view

Now as you know, Dotty, one of the Three Musco-teers, has had her flight gear for a while. The other Musco-teers however, aren’t quite so advanced so Dotty has no flight companions to explore the area with as Puff and Biggles don’t appear to invite her on their forays. So, she contents herself with short flights around the back field or just flying from perch to perch within the garden. She’s certainly investigating the place thoroughly!









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4 Responses to “The exploits of Dotty”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    Lovely captures .. naughty girl trying out the vege garden 🙂 Laura

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It’s so lovely to see her fly for the first time Laura, that we forgive her any naughtiness!

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Dotty’s having a wonderful time before it becomes very crowded when the others find their wings.

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