An explosion of ducklings

It seems that wherever we look there are ducklings. One minute they seem to be all neat, tidy and under control…

muscovy ducklings

…the next they’ve exploded everywhere!

muscovy ducklings

muscovy ducklings

muscovy ducklings

They’ve even exploded into the field behind us where the grass is very long and must be a challenge for all those wee legs.

muscovy ducklings

swimming poolThey’ve also ventured into the swimming pool and we had an ‘almost’ disaster when the stones positioned to help them climb out slipped, resulting in four of them unable to get onto dry land. Fortunately, Kevin heard their calls and rescued them. One wasn’t too bad and snuggled in with the crowd but three of them needed hairdryer and infra-red treatment to stop their shivering!


Of course just because we are inundated with ducklings, there’s still another family to consider: Broody Brenda and her chicks. They are getting too big to fit underneath her now but it doesn’t stop them trying!


Taking care of all the birds is quite an addition to all the other chores at this time of year but there’s still an odd hour here and there to fit some recreational activities in. I finished my latest portrait some days ago and I’m sure that some of you will recognise this happy character!

Marcel the Happy

P.S. BB is sitting again as of yesterday. This time we’ve exchanged her eggs for some of the bigger hens’.


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4 Responses to “An explosion of ducklings”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    Lol, that 6 legged chicken could make you rich 🙂 You have captured Marcels smile perfectly. wall-to-wall ducks too cute. Laura

    • garybuie01 Says:

      They really don’t need to cuddle up now but Brenda is such a softy! As for Marcel, we’re surrounded by sheep here and I’ve never seen any with such a winning smile!

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Brenda and her big chicks……..they’ve grown so much. The ducklings wow….. you need the pied piper to bring them all in.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Surprisingly, all mums and ducklings go to bed in an orderly fashion. Las night however, three ducklings managed to get themselves stranded in the veg plot. Kevin went in to get them, picked them up and their cheeping escalated in volume. Cue all mothers and ducklings exiting their house .and queuing up to see what the problem was. You know, just like when there’s a traffic accident or a fire and people start to gather to get a glimpse. Biggles gave Kevin a good telling off – and he gave her one! – but when he returned the threesome, everyone sidled off back to bed!

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