Confusion all round

THE VIEW – 6 p.m.

the view

No, it isn’t a crime scene there in the foreground, it’s just one of our flapping, cracking crow deterrents after losing Three Lives, the Silkie chick. So maybe it is a crime scene after all!
Anyway, we’ve got some new additions for you. Broody Brenda produced 4 chicks and they’re all doing great.


Over the last couple of days, Puff and Biggles’s ducklings have been hatching. This morning however, Kevin caught seven of them visiting the musco-teer next door!
By the time I got out there, just two were left clambering all over her – the others had disappeared under her!

musco- eerwith neighbours

This has all led to some confusion as the musco-teer is responding to the ducklings’ calls presumably thinking that they’re hers! Of course Puff and Biggles are having none of it, the wee ducklings don’t know who to obey, so there have been a couple of kerfuffles in the duck-house! Kevin managed to get the musco-teer back onto her nest and covered her entrance hole up.
This afternoon, Puff and Biggles took their eight new offspring for a stroll in the sun…

puff and Biggles

Whilst they were out, I uncovered the Musco-teer’s entrance in case she needed to feed. Within minutes she’d located the ducklings and a great, vocal competition for custody ensued. After some time I managed to herd the musco-teer back to her nest. Not an easy task. Anyway, she’s in there as I write, although I’ll have to give her freedom soon so that she can do what she has to do before nightfall. Hopefully her eggs will begin to hatch overnight and she’ll become re-focussed, otherwise I fear that she will abandon her nest and share parenting with Puff and Biggles.
And that’s not the only nest complication! Seemingly, we have a dual-purpose coop!

shared coop

This is the pollytunnel coop where the second musco-teer is sitting. For some time, one of the Plymouth Rock hens has been sneaking past the wee box and laying an egg most days in the corner. We removed them daily but at the weekend, the hen decided to sit. On nothing. When a hen decides to sit there’s not much you can do about it so she is now sitting on 10 donated eggs! The duck’s family will arrive first so we’ll have to move them all into a new home when they do. Another challenge ahead then!

Biggles and Puff


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4 Responses to “Confusion all round”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Oh My, what a kerfuffle! c

  2. RecyclerSA Says:

    Seems you are going to be busy chasing ‘chucks’ or is it ‘dicks’ around 🙂 they are all sweet babies. Good luck. Laura

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Who knows Laura! There’s been a further development today, I shall post it when I get a minute!


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