Return to routine

the view

It’s nice to be back home – with our more usual scenery – after our Orcadian adventure. Back into reality with a bump. The B and B is now at full tilt with all that it entails and life is good at Garybuie. Most of the time. Look how the wee Silkies have grown…


silkie chick

You may have noticed that there are only two chicks in this family group however. Do you remember Three Lives? Well, it was seemingly destined for a short life after all when one of those darned hooded crows had it for tea. I hate those birds and we’re going to have to be on constant alert when all our imminent new arrivals are here.
All the Muscovies are sitting although Puff has decided to share with Biggles and leave her own eggs with the Musco-teer next door who took over! One of the Three Musco-teers went missing before we went on holiday and we suspected that she had laid away. On our return, Kevin went in search of her. The clever girl isn’t far away however, staying within the boundaries of Garybuie, underneath the over-by coop, directly under Broody Brenda’s nest!


She must wonder what’s going on ‘upstairs’ as today Brenda’s chicks have started to hatch. We were getting worried because they are three days later than expected but we should have known that such an experienced mum knows exactly what she’s doing. We’ve only seen one cheeky face as yet…

broody Brenda


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2 Responses to “Return to routine”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Wonderful. not only are you full tilt in the B&B but full tilt in the yard as well.. Lovely shots .. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I think that it’s going to be utter chaos over the next couple of weeks – wee birds everywhere, just perfectly snack-sized for those bloody crows!

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