Nothing going to plan

The View

Our dry, spring weather continues so I thought I’d have a ‘garden day’. We’re off on an adventure on Saturday leaving Garybuie in the capable hands of dad and our ever-helpful neighbours, Mark and Gerlinde. I’m not going to tell you where our adventure is taking us, you’ll just have to wait until we return! Anyway, I needed to get the veggies ship-shape before our departure so I weeded the polytunnel and planted our main crop potatoes.

potato planting

Needless to say, getting the animals ship-shape is a different kettle of fish! Every year we make plans for our breeding program and seemingly every year those plans are thwarted. Apparently, this year is no different although to be fair, there is potentially beneficial plan-thwarting this year! Puff and Biggles are both definitely broody although at least one of the three musco-teers continues to lay in Puff’s box. The poor duck will be atop a pyramid of eggs soon! Broody Brenda hasn’t gone with our usual box-within-a-box ploy in the ‘polytunnel coop’ (probably in an attempt to avoid the Nest Thief) but instead is doing her thing in the over-by coop next to the duck houses.


Today is her first day sitting and Kevin has blocked the pop-hole at half-mast so that there’s no chance of the Nest Thief muscling in! Several of the other hens were using the box-within-a-box as well as one of the musco-teers, whose egg we removed every day. Yesterday, she was exhibiting broody behaviour so I checked the nest and believe me, the Nest Thief is a mere pick-pocket compared to the violent robbery performed by a musco-teer! There had been 6 or 7 hen eggs in there when I last checked but apparently, the broody duck had performed the Highland Fling in the nest resulting in a straw and wood-shaving omelette, garnished with one perfect Muscovy egg! Of course I had to clear the crime scene (whilst being SERIOUSLY heckled by the dastardly duck), including the duck egg which was covered in solidified egg yolk and straw, put new bedding in there and a ceramic egg in the hope of encouraging further laying. But by whom?


Yup, that’s a Muscovy’s rear you can see there and she’s sat tight all day – on a ceramic egg! This afternoon however, Kevin succeeded in slipping half a dozen Muscovy eggs under her. She scolded him but didn’t move an inch!

On a less violent theme, first-time mum, BB, is doing just fine with her wee family.


And even more excitement, for me at least! Yesterday, I received the latest ‘Paint’ magazine and found that I’d had my second publication of a painting! This time it was the ‘Keys and Curly Tails’ which I completed earlier this year.

Paint magazine

I think that I’m probably pushing my luck now, but yesterday I submitted the following painting to the magazine. I’ve entitled it ‘Looking for Mischief’ and I think that quite a few of you will know where this wonderful character lives!

Looking for Mischief


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6 Responses to “Nothing going to plan”

  1. mandala56 Says:

    Love the photo of the silkies!
    Nice job on Sheila!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Honestly, the Silkies just make you smile whenever you see them! So comical. Glad you like Sheila!

  3. kathryningrid Says:

    That pig—she *is* a real Sheila!!! Well done!

  4. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christine, you have captured her mischief beautifully!

  5. garybuie01 Says:

    A real twinkle in that piggy eye!

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