Double view

On this occasion I shall treat you to a double dose of THE VIEW. These photos were taken on consecutive evenings; Wednesday and Thursday this week. The first one is my favourite kind of lighting and the second is a ‘reflected’ sunset.

the view

the view

And here are the remains of the same sunset over MacLeod’s tables at the opposite end of the glen…

MacLeod's tables

There seems to be an air of contentment around the place at the moment. BB is enjoying motherhood immensely. Here she’s showing her family the hidden treasures to be found in the ditch, with Wee man keeping an eye on things from above.

BB's family

Biggles has decided to go broody…


…and this morning Puff was peering at me from her nest box in a state of indecision!


It didn’t take her too long however to decide in favour of this broody business! Coming out of the duck house Huff was making sure that I wasn’t interfering in nesting matters.


The B and B is going well too, not at full tilt yet but we have guests most days. At the moment we have three dominant varieties of visitor – English, French and American. A couple of days ago, Pusscat was regretting not having a passport as he was contemplating heading across the Channel with our young French guest!

Pusscat & friend


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