A chick with three lives

THE VIEW – 6.45 a.m.

the view

Over a period of two days, BB succeeded in hatching three chicks, leaving three eggs in the nest. Fortunately, Kevin popped in to check on the new family and discovered that one of the abandoned three eggs had pipped. It was cool to the touch so it was time for some assistance. BB was fairly sedentary with her chicks so we decided to pop the new hatchling under mum. Later, I went to check only to find that BB had moved forward, leaving the wee one behind. It was still wet, cold and apparently dead but when I picked it up, unbelievably there was a spark of life! Time for emergency measures.

silkie chick

The wee mite was soon dried off and cheeping vigorously, so we took it back to mum and popped it under her. Phew! However, after Mother Nature trying to take the chick’s life twice, she decided to have one more attempt. This time, the following morning BB had left the nest with her first three chicks, once more leaving the wee one alone. Luckily, Kevin found it and although quite cold, it was alive and was popped under mum again! Since then, everything seems to be Okay and when we actually get to see the chicks (BB keeps them under her most of the time), the wee one is certainly holding its own.

silkie family

silkie family

Silkie chick

And finally, “Look at me now!”

3 lives


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