A good day all round

THE VIEW – early evening

the view

It’s been a glorious spring day today reaching a temperature of 13.5 degrees C in the shade! A big thank you to those of you who have passed on their good wishes for Hamie. Her breathing still leaves a lot to be desired but she’s nibbled her way through a couple of haddock fillets and a wee bit of cat milk over the last 24 hours. She’s considerably stronger today although she tires easily. Even so, she’s enjoyed the day as much as the rest of us, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. A day like today makes everyone feel good so why not a poorly puss too?


She was unaware of her three curious visitors whilst taking an afternoon nap in the dry leaves by the fruit cage!



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2 Responses to “A good day all round”

  1. Diane Fairhall Says:

    So glad Hamie is on the mend – she’ll be less tired when she starts eating properly again. Sounds like she’s made a start. 🙂

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    We can see a big difference in her this morning Diane. her breathing seem less laboured and she demolished almost a whole fish fillet for breakfast! Her day in the sun did her good I think. (Me too!)

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