A week of ups and downs

the view

Apologies for being a wee bit remiss with blogging duties recently, but the last week has been quite eventful and not all in a good way. One of the ‘ups’ of the week has been that our new conservatory is now up and decorated! It’s lovely, so bright, clean and with a glass roof this time around, it’s pleasant to sit and watch the clouds drifting above.



Of course things rarely run smoothly and after a night of particularly foul weather, two substantial leaks developed. The conservatory chaps returned the following day however and all seems to be well at the moment. One leak came through the central ‘gubbins’ at the round end of the structure. That problem was solved by applying more sealant to the multiple joints. That’s great of course but it IS a wee bit of a concern to think that building costing several thousand pounds is relying on a tube of sealant! The other leak came in above the French doors which you can see in the second picture. Fortunately the water didn’t come down on my newly applied wallpaper but managed to soak the carpet on the other side! Anyway, the upshot is that on removing the old lead flashing, a considerable amount of the old cement also had to be removed (we’re still waiting for the replacement cement) and a crack was revealed under an upstairs windowsill. The main man deduced that that was the root of the problem and he sealed it with some lead-based filler until the cement man makes an appearance! With the rain showing no sign of a let-up however, who knows when that will be!

Some good news on the animal front! BB has decided to live up to the Silkie P.R. of being great broody hens. She decided to stay put on her nest a week ago.


Unfortunately, she’s being a bit too literal with the staying-put thing and makes no attempt to leave the nest for life’s essentials! I have read about this in our collection of poultry books but so far, our broody hens have always known what to do. So now, every morning, we lift her from the nest and put her outside to eat. drink, poo, dust bathe and whatever else a chicken can do in fifteen minutes! Then we put her back on the nest where she settles once more. Weird.

Now here’s a rare and happy picture before some more bad news. Hamie and Patches almost nose to nose on the rug! Usually for Hamie, being in the same ROOM as Patches is close enough, thank you very much!
Hamie and Patches

But now the bad news. Yesterday evening, we had to make a dash to the vet’s with our beautiful Hamie, who started to breathe rapidly and shallowly. The vet couldn’t see anything obvious, her temperature, heart-rate and colour were good. He suggested that possibly she had got something lodged in her wind-pipe and these things usually resolve themselves. Antibiotic/anti-inflammatory injection and home we came. This morning though, she was nowhere in sight and Kevin found her under one of the upturned duck ponds. Her breathing was worse so off once more to the vet. After X-rays, some fluid in one lung and some bruising has shown up, probably consistent with an impact of some kind. Anyway, as I write, she is currently on diuretics and the vet is keeping her under observation until Monday. Strangely, yesterday evening when Kevin went to close the ‘Winter Spa for Chickens’, there had been some obvious kerfuffle in there as the drinker and feeder had been knocked over. Maybe she’d got into a tussle with an intruder and she’s taken a blow to the ribs. We’ll never know but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for our girl. She’s in the right place.


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4 Responses to “A week of ups and downs”

  1. Diane Fairhall Says:

    So sory to hear about poor Hamie, all the best for her complete recovery. These things are very upsetting and you feel so helpless.

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christine, we all have fingers crossed for your Hamie.

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