Al fresco breakfasts this season?

Blue skies have finally arrived…

the view

…and so has the ‘something big’which I mentioned the other week.


As you can see, breakfast would be a fairly drafty affair at the moment but at least the view is unobstructed!


Anyway, the arrival of our new, shiny conservatory is just in the nick of time for the beginning of the new season. Its construction will be completed on Wednesday and then I just have to re-decorate. So any potential guests out there, don’t worry, your haggis won’t be in any danger of blowing of your breakfast plate should you decide to spend some time at Garybuie!

And now for something completely different! Yesterday I completed my painting of ‘On the Prowl’ and I’m contemplating something bristly rather than furry next.



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4 Responses to “Al fresco breakfasts this season?”

  1. mandala56 Says:

    Lovely work on the cat portrait!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Thank you, he was a lovely subject.

  3. Lynda Says:

    Christine, I can’t wait to see the finish on your conservatory! Also, your work is beautiful, and I wondered if you work on commission or only for dearest friends and family. (???)

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    Me too Lynda! It’s water-tight today but needs the finishing touches and all the twiddly bits! Thank you for your lovely comment about my painting and yes, I do commissions.

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