Well pleased!

There’s a certain bovine lady out there on a farm in Illinois, Daisy, who’s currently being closely watched as her calving date draws near. When she was a young, carefree heifer, I did a painting of her along with her feline companion, taken from a photograph by the ever generous Cecilia from said farm. Recently I submitted the painting for publication in the ‘Members’ Gallery’ of ‘Paint’, the magazine for The Society of All Artists (SAA). The competition was entitled ‘Close to You’ and I thought that cow and cat fitted the bill perfectly! Today I received the latest magazine and look…


I am well pleased! I never even managed to get a painting on the wall at school! Thank you Cecilia!

My current painting has been a wee bit neglected lately but it’s coming along, slowly but surely and I’m pleased so far.

cat portrait


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2 Responses to “Well pleased!”

  1. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Congratulations Christine! how wonderful to have your beautiful work recognised.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Thank you! It was a nice surprise.

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