Excitement in the kitchen a couple of avian news items

The view

One month to go before we open our doors for B and B. Time for a couple of up-grades in the kitchen methinks! A bigger fridge for one thing, as our current one struggles with all those extra breakfast ingredients. A replacement dish-washer too. To be fair, the one I have now does a good job: nice clean plates, great on pans, fairly quiet and nice to look at too. It’s called Kevin. Anyway, it’s high time that he hung up his rubber gloves as we finally move into the 21st century in the dish-washing department! There’s something else new due to arrive this week too and it’s BIG! Thursday’s the day, hopefully, but I shall keep you in suspense about that one!

We haven’t had a catch-up for a while so here goes. Our Silkie cockerel, Wee Man, has developed into a handsome chap. He is protective of his mate, BB, although he frequently tries to add Broody Brenda to his harem of one! She’s having none of it though, faithful to Big Fella and she can run fast!

Wee Man

Wee Man



silkie nest Finally, BB has got around to laying some eggs, several in fact over the past couple of weeks. She’s only just got the hang of returning to lay them in her own nest-box however, as up until the last couple of days, the whole process seems to have been taking her by surprise and she’s has to make a quick dash for the duck-house or we just find an egg on the ground when she obviously hasn’t quite made it! But as you can see, as of today, she seems to be in control and now has two lovely eggs in her own box.

The biggest change among our bird population is that MacRae is no longer with us. You may remember that we had a lot of problems with the Aylesbury ducklings last year so this time around we’re just sticking with the Muscovies. Also, it will be a relief to all concerned when he’s not constantly pestering Biggles with his unwanted attentions, or scattering ducklings whilst in pursuit of her!

Now there’s an air of calmness around the place and with no policing to perform, Huff can now take an undisturbed siesta.


Lucky and Chance don’t appear to be particularly concerned by his absence and now we can look forward to eating all of their eggs instead of incubating them, which has to be a big plus point!

Lucky and Chance

Oddly, even though all the Muscovies sleep together, Huff doesn’t seem to realise that the three Musco-teers belong to him! He still spends his days with Puff and Biggles, the Musco-teers doing their own thing. Is it because they are white and he thinks that they’re more Lucky and Chances? They speak his language after all. Maybe when spring fever kicks in he’ll invite them to join him during the day. The girls get on fine, occasionally commandeering the bridge for some collective preening and no doubt some ducky-gossip!

Muscovy ladies


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5 Responses to “Excitement in the kitchen a couple of avian news items”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Oh I love the shot of Himself up on the pole, gorgeous, loved the catch up, a bigger fridge will be great, though i find out here that the bigger they are the less they hold, who knows why this is.. have a lovely day.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Actually, that’s Puff and Biggles perching and although it looks pole-ish, it is the handrail on the wee bridge. I’m waiting for the day when all five girls get up there!

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Looks like a two headed two tailed duck on your handrail……..will all 5 be a bit crowded?

  3. garybuie01 Says:

    No, it’s about six feet long so plenty of room. There might be a bit of jostling ’til they get their wings folded but then they should be a bonny sight! Or maybe the whole pecking order thing will mean that the musco-teers will always be destined for lower levels!

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