Some soggy scenery

THE VIEW this morning – well, what can I say?

The View

After 2 inches of rain overnight, we awoke to some very soggy scenery this morning.


Aquatic vegetables and the field beyond…



You can just see the ducks out in the field in the distance. They were loving it!


Honestly, you wouldn’t believe it but it is now 5p.m.ish and I’m looking through the window at the veggie plots. There is not even the smallest puddle and the sky is blue with fluffy, innocent- looking clouds!

And now for something a little less saturated! I finished my challenge, ‘On reflection’ inspired by the Society for All Artists’ magazine (SAA). It’s called ‘Keys and Curly Tails’

Keys and Curly Tails

I used Conte and coloured pencils. The Conte pencils were particularly good for blending on the piggy bottoms. I really enjoyed doing it and it certainly was a challenge. I like the contrast of the softly reflected light on the burnished brass bottoms, with the sharp reflections on the keys. I returned to my more usual subject matter though with this portrait of our very handsom Big Fella! I’ve used coloured pencils on pastel paper.

Big Fella

Still using the same medium, I’m currently working on a particularly striking feline who lives, you’ve guessed it, out there on the Farmy in Illinois!

On the Look-Out


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8 Responses to “Some soggy scenery”

  1. mathew992 Says:

    beautiful view

  2. cecilia Says:

    The keys are great! And look at Son of Neanderthol man (with his comb intact) .. your daily view is getting ever so much greener I think! before you know it .. the B and B will be back in business.. Surely summer will come?.. c

  3. garybuie01 Says:

    Only just over a month before we open for business – where did the time go?! Not Son of Neanderthal I’m afraid but our Big Fella with the feathery legs. It’s your feline in the making though!

  4. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christie, its such a joy to see your beautiful glen in all weathers.

  5. garybuie01 Says:

    Believe me, the only joy was being indoors yesterday! The chickens had the same opinion!

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