At least THE VIEW is different!

The View

THE VIEW might still be monochrome, but a least it’s a brighter kind of monochrome! Yes, we had our first significant fall of snow overnight, although it seems to be thawing fairly fast. The three musco-teers weren’t impressed and took a while to venture out of their cosy house this morning. It would seem that paddling in cold water is preferable to standing around in the strange white stuff.

3 musco-teers

Unfortunately, the snowy conditions are accompanied by a fairly strong, southerly wind, this combination being enough to keep the Silkies indoors. It’s now after noon and they’re still lurking just inside the cat-flap! They have food and water in there and there’s no wind-chill, so who can blame them?


snowy view


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2 Responses to “At least THE VIEW is different!”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Your daily view today is terrific, the snow makes your hills stand out. Those ducks are so cool, I look forward to getting my orpingtons.. though I have no stream, I will have to provide them with some water.. c

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Back to rain and strong winds overnight so we awoke this morning to find most of the snow gone! Looking forward to seeing your new ducky arrivals! We have a couple of kiddies’ paddling pools when the weather is dry and everyone seems happy with them!

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