Bleak Sunday and some home improvements

Trying to do anything on the internet yesterday was snail-like. It happens every so often so apart from dealing with the essentials, it’s better for the blood pressure to leave matters such as shopping online or blogging until another day. So here I am on another day telling you yesterday’s news! As you can see from THE VIEW, it was a particularly bleak Sunday. There were (very) occasional sunny intervals but strong winds and fierce hail showers dominated. I did manage to get out for my daily walk in the glen but it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. Of course Kevin went out running in the surrounding hills (daft or what?), so shirking a walk would have been a bit feeble on my part!


During one of the sunny intervals I noticed the new girls investigating the wee bridge…

Three Musco-teers

… I wonder if we’ll end up with all five Muscovy females perched on the handrail some day! The three (so far nameless) girls seem to be feeling quite at home with the other muscovies now and mill around in a friendly fashion with Huff et al in their new, open-plan accommodation…


There’s been a minor modification to the Silkies’ home too. Well, just their front door. It usually remains closed during the day to keep all the other hens – and cats – out. However, it shouldn’t be long before BB comes into lay and she’s going to need to get back to her nest. So, Kevin fixed an old cat-flap into the door and we just fasten that open during the day. We suspect that it’s too small for most of the other hens. Wee man likes to go to bed first and we’ve caught him investigating this new, miniature front door, but he still hasn’t mustered the courage to walk through it!

cat flap

Hamie has tried it of course and is probably excited about resuming her peaceful siestas in the Silkies’ abode! I shall tell you a story about this particular cat-flap one day. One day when the flippin’ internet is functioning at a less annoying speed!

And finally, just to share a wee spot of brightness on our bleak Sunday, look what’s popped up in the garden!



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6 Responses to “Bleak Sunday and some home improvements”

  1. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Oh……..does that mean spring will come soon or wishful thinking on my part?
    So pleased the girls are settling in.
    Keep warm; its our first hot day after a week of overcast drizzle…..sheer bliss for this time of the year..

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Wishful thinking I’m afraid but just seeing some new, brave shoots is good for the soul! You must have enjoyed your drizzle – did you run out into it with a big grin on your face?

      • Le Petit Potager Says:

        Of course I did! Just a memory now……..38 degrees today. I’m off for a short holiday in Tasmania bright and early tomorrow; I’ll enjoy 10 days of cooler weather. I meant to ask are they snowdrops in your photo?

      • garybuie01 Says:

        Yes they are – the only bit of ‘snow’ around so far this winter. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. cecilia Says:

    Oh your daffs! Fantastic, there is hope! They always come up in the late winter just when we cannot bear it anymore, in another month or so we may see some. Love your ducks. I am ordering Buff Orpington ducks,.. we will eat a few and see if i can’t keep a breeding pair, wouldn’t that be great! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hold your horses Cecilia – SNOWDROPS, not daffs, so we’ve a way to go yet! I had a feeling that you’d succumb to the charm of ducks. I was going to say so on your blog when you mentioned them but our internet was Soooo slow that the comments page wouldn’t open, Well, not this year anyway! You’ll love them, on or off the table!

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