A dull day but some brightness later

The ridge

Today has been one of those flat, grey, uninspiring days. But, we added our own touch of brightness to the scene at Garybuie after collecting three new Muscovy ducks for Huff.

New muscovies

We saw them advertised in the farm store on Friday, along with a drake. Obviously we don’t need another drake but neither did the people selling them. I’ll just give you the one guess where he is now, poor soul. Anyway, there was much kerfuffling when we arrived home, all resident ducks and chickens wanting to join in the fun! Finally, we got the girls safely contained near their new home so that they can quietly get used to their surroundings. Although they’d had their wings clipped at some point last year, when I checked, the primary feathers had re-grown so I clipped them again. We don’t want any escapees! Well, I clipped two of them as one was having none of it and scrabbled from my arms. A powerful thing is a duck! I doubt that the unclipped girl will leave her buddies  though, so we should be OK. There will have to be some re-arrangements in the duck living quarters in the near future to accommodate Huff’s harem. They can have their own ‘bedroom’ for a couple of nights until they are properly introduced to Huff, Puff and Biggles. Then we’ll need some names…

New muscovies 2


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3 Responses to “A dull day but some brightness later”

  1. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christine would so love a flat grey day…..41 degrees yesterday; quite over summer!
    What gorgeous new brides for Huff!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      41 degrees – I think that I would have melted by now as well as being in a seriously bad mood, I can’t deal with heat. Is it humid too? Yes they’re bonnie wee girls but so far they’re keeping themselves well out of the way of Huff’s attentions! at least they seem calmer today as they find their way in their new surroundings.
      Keep cool, Christine

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Fortunately quite low humidity when the temperature is over 40 degrees.
    One of your rain clouds came and hovered overhead with fine misty rain from late yesterday afternoon until this morning………..it was just wonderful.

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