The View and a rotten process

I liked Cecilia’s idea of a daily view and enjoy watching the changing seasons and weather which it depicts. It’s an anchor within all the busy goings-on on the Farmy; animals are born, animals die but the view remains constant throughout the farming year – minus the odd tree limb! Now Cecilia is a generous gal, allowing her readers to use her photographs, so I hope she doesn’t mind the copying of her Daily View idea too. Of course I don’t post every day so obviously can’t provide a daily view so what, ‘Today’s View’?, ‘View from Garybuie’? or simply ‘The View’? How about THE VIEW Today? Cecilia took a few shots and got readers to vote which should become the Daily View but I’m obviously more of a control freak than she and have chosen the view myself! We are privileged to have lovely views all around Garybuie but the one that enthrals me every day is The Ridge. Its mood changes constantly; glowering, threatening, vibrant, grand, mysterious, hidden or staggeringly beautiful.

the view

For this shot I need to step over the wee bridge, which is Puff and Biggle’s favourite perch, to just outside the old church. This morning it was dry but I’m sure that I’ll get soaked at some point!

Speaking of the old church, as well as being used for storage (boys’ toys mainly) and accommodation for Mr and Mrs Silkie/newly hatched birds, it’s also where we ‘process’ various beasties. Usually this involves standing for many hours with cold hands and feet and a sharp knife, but I thought that I’d try a more veggie-friendly version of processing; my latest painting endeavour entitled ‘Processed Lamb’. I thought I’d depict the process by which I paint an animal’s portrait within one painting. My subject was one of Cecilia’s lambs and to be honest, the carnivore-friendly version of processing is probably prettier! The end result is completely unbalanced and the whole idea was obviously far to grandiose for someone of my limited skill!

Processed Lamb

Consequently, I’ve reverted to less adventurous compositions, this time tackling ‘Whispering Donkeys’, a potrait in pencil for a change.

Donkey Whispers

Now for a wee bit of Garybuie trivia! I was having trouble with my easel. I always use it at a slight tilt, sitting to work. Recently however, it’s been having a bit of a laugh and semi-collapsing under the slightest pressure, usually when I’m making a crucial stroke! Therefore, I set out in search of a flatter, more robust working service and Kevin provided the perfect piece of equipment! Can you see what the donkeys are resting on? Well, it’s the top of an old school desk but this particular specimen wasn’t from a school but instead was the top of the pulpit in the old church! I imagine that there was many an intimidating sermon delivered from behind it in the 1950s!!


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10 Responses to “The View and a rotten process”

  1. cecilia Says:

    The Pulpit, how perfect and love the idea of the three versions of one image coming together.. Lovely, do you exhibit your work too Christine? These would make a very good exhibition, maybe you can turn the church into a gallery. Your View is going to be fun to watch through the seasons.. I don’t do mine every day anymore, but it still feels daily!! have a wonderful evening in front of the pulpit!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Ah, the pulpit! Who needs a soap box eh? You’re very kind about my lamby picture; I thought it was a good idea too but it went wrong somewhere along the line! When we ‘re-furbished’ the Silkie/brooder end of the church last year, I did put a collection of paintings in there. Unfortunately, some of our non-outdoorish guests aren’t overly keen on stepping in chicken poo en route to my wee exhibition! Also, I needed my feather duster quite a lot for all the dust and cobwebs which accumulate in there! This year, I thought of putting my naughty, collapsible easel in the hallway, where I already display my greetings cards/jams, with various portraits stacked on it to browse through.

  2. trophos Says:

    I *love* the daily view at the Farmy, and I look forward to seeing how your changes with the seasons – thanks for sharing.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      The thing with the Ridge is that there aren’t just seasonal changes. On many occasions changes occur within the hour, probably partly due to us being on an island and the weather systems can move through pretty rapidly. I won’t be giving you an hourly view though although sometimes you may get two if it warrants it!

  3. RecyclerSA Says:

    I am always fascinated by the eyes of the animals that you do portraits of – their expressions are always spot on, and it appears you do the eyes first? I can draw perfect round circles free hand, and a straight line (with a ruler), but useless otherwise:0 So envious of your talent. Have you done the other famous farmy duo yet? Laura

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes Laura, always the eyes first, after all, they are the ‘windows to the soul’! If I don’t get the eyes right, then I start again. If I’m tackling a particularly complex composition/facial expression, the I use gridlines. Draw a grid on your photo (or a copy of it if it’s too precious) then draw another grid on your paper, either the same size or scaled differently. You will still be drawing freehand but in a more confined space with the gridlines as reference points. It’s much less daunting! Also, don’t forget highlights to make your eyes sparkle, but NEVER put highlights where there aren’t any!
      As for the duo, I assume that you mean Boo and his kitten. Yes, I did complete it and posted it here. I wasn’t overly happy with the end result at the time but I’ve added some shading on the kitten since and it looks better.

  4. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christine, I would love your wonderful view…….can I catch a passing cloud and pop over for a visit tomorrow. Its unbearably hot here.
    Just love your pulpit; what a splendid solution!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Feel free, although as long as it’s not a rain cloud, we have enough of those! I’ll have a cup of tea ready! As for the pulpit, maybe I should have the occasional ‘Pulpit Post’ and any readers feeling the urge for a particular rant can stand behind the cyber-pulpit in the comments and give it their all!

  5. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Ha Ha..the pulpit rant! The national broadcaster here has a rant session once a week; some wonderful rants that are just hilarious.
    The cloud won’t come with rain…….not a drop of moisture to bring with me.
    We are having the better than summer weather ……what if I bring you some sunshine.

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