Still here!

Yes, we’re still here but there’s not been much to report on for the past week or so. It’s still raining most days and there’s only so much that I can say about that! I’ve resumed my winter walks, whatever the weather, in the glen after a fairly sedentary festive period. This morning was a bit drier so I’ll share the encouraging views!





Later on, the view from the kitchen window held my favourite kind of light; dark grey sky with vibrant greenery in the foreground…

favourite sky

…which often leads to this…


And to think that our neighbour higher up the glen is probably unaware that she has a pot of gold in her back garden!



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8 Responses to “Still here!”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Just fantastic, rain or not, how could you not love where you are.. cold and damp and gorgeous.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Oh we love it Cecilia although it’s more saturated than damp at the moment. Still, we’re lucky as much of the south of England and Wales are seriously flooded. And of course nothing compares to what you’re having to deal with. Keep warm.

  2. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christine, just gorgeous…….would love to live in your glen!
    I was out house hunting earlier today and the drive there looked just like the view from your window.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It’s a beautiful place to live what ever the weather! Good luck with your house-hunting, there’s nothing for sale in the glen though and I guess it’s just a wee bit ‘out there’ for you!!!

  3. Lynda Says:

    I’d take the rain, over the bitter cold any day, Christine. Ha, and the weatherman has predicted just that as we go into the weekend. We will actually hit 60!

    I haven’t said, but your farm and it’s setting are wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    Me too Lynda, rain is far less restrictive. Well, unless your house/garden/street is flooded of course! And yes, we feel very lucky to live in such a lovely corner of the world although We have just a (very) smallholding rather than a farm. Hope you reach that 60!!!

  5. souldipper Says:

    While the rest of Canada lives in a deep freeze – 10s of thousands without power for a couple of weeks over Christmas, our little island has kept us in short periods of very cold (for us) but a good dose of sunshine. Suddenly we had a huge storm. The winds blew ferociously, rain came in flooding abundance and we’re discovering it’s havoc. One small but very used coastal road fell into the ocean. Another is awash with debris from higher points.

    My walk buddy and I had a different route planned that would take us up to one of the best viewpoints. However, it dawned on us that the trail has likely been a creek so we’ll give it a few weeks.

    Love your photos – especially the ones with “your” light. I share a love for that exquisite combination. I have somehow been able to absorb views in that light to such a degree it’s as though I contained film in my memory.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      So many of us seem to have tales of weather ‘with attitude’ this winter and so many with tales of heartbreak. I guess we’ve been lucky on our respective islands.

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