Dreadful weather and a toxic past

The weather on Skye continues to be pretty grim with gales and heavy, horizontal, hail showers. There must be SOME sunshine around though, even if only fleetingly, which produces moments of colour to brighten our seemingly never-ending grey days.


The other day I visited Jeanne Kasten’s blog  where she was reminiscing about festive ornaments from the past which were made of lead. As Jeanne and I are from a similar era, lead featured in my childhood too and I still have the evidence! The Christmas just prior to my fourth birthday, I received one of my most memorable gifts. A dolls’ house.

dolls' house

I’d saved it with the intention of passing it on to my daughter but that plan was thwarted when we had two boys! But now of course, we have a granddaughter who would possibly enjoy such an old-fashioned toy one day, but look what’s inside…

dolls' house 2

Not only are the furnishings from back in the fifties but as you can see, several items are lead. Now some people may beg to differ, but as far as I’m aware my brain works just fine (most of the time) half a century later after lengthy periods playing with these things! Interestingly, have you noticed the fried eggs and fish in the wee frying pans? Maybe I was yearning to run a B and B all those years ago!

One good thing about this atrocious weather is that I’ve been able to enjoy more time painting. Today I completed my latest portrait. Jeanne with her toxic icicles guessed who it was in the early stages as I’m sure other followers did…Nanny Boo and the Marmalade Kitten! Quite a challenge.

nanny boo


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4 Responses to “Dreadful weather and a toxic past”

  1. mandala56 Says:

    Great job on the painting~ and I love your doll’s house! Reminded me of the Tale of Two Bad Mice!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thank you, although I’m not entirely happy with parts of it. I used Inktense pencils which I’m only just getting the hang of. They’re great for detail but are a very dense colour. I think that maybe colour pencils would have given a softer look. I might try it later after a wee break from dogs and cats!

  2. cecilia Says:

    Isn’t that just beautiful, Marmalade was so small then and he is so big and naughty now.. a very lovely painting, i can tell it is winter, you have your brushes out.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Partners in crime now eh? I was looking forward to doing this painting for a long time and its OK but there are quite a few things which I’m not happy with. Marmalade looks a wee bit ‘plonked’ for one thing, if you know what I mean. So sorry about Kupa by the way, you certainly tried your best for him.

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