Huff Whenever Muscovy ducklings arrive on the scene, Huff is instantly banished to his bachelor pad. He’s never happy about it but the new mothers give him such grief that it’s better just to huff and bear it! Puff has produced no eggs this year and unusually offered no help to Biggles when she hatched her first brood. Consequently, Biggles soon found her brood to be quite a handful without a back-up babysitter and she was happy to call on some paternal input after just a couple of weeks or so. Not for her second brood however. This time Puff was happy to play the role of auntie once more and girl-power meant that Huff’s services were shunned. But finally, after seven weeks, he’s been re-admitted into the family home.

He’s being the perfect gentleman by being as unobtrusive as possible and is employing his great wooing tactics for both girls during daylight hours. Biggles is still a bit skittish around him but Puff has succumbed to his lunch dates.

I took these photos yesterday through the kitchen window, just to show you what an old romantic he is! It all started with him carefully selecting some pellets for her and placing them on the ground, accompanied by lots of tail-wagging and huffing….

Huff's lunch date

As Puff appeared shyly from under the azalea, Huff bade a hasty retreat to a respectable distance so that she could inspect his offering…

Huff and Puff

…and then enjoy her lunch…

Puff's lunch

She was obviously impressed as she moved towards him to say thank-you…

Huff and Puff

…and then followed him on a post-lunch stroll.

Huff and Puff

I’m sure that he’ll win Biggles around sooner rather than later and the ducklings are quite happy for dad to be around!


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2 Responses to “Re-united”

  1. cecilia Says:

    how absolutely sweet that he feeds her, i had no idea that happened.. now christine, do you eat the ducks as well.? I was thinking of raising a few for the festive season..c

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Oh yes, duck is our favourite! I shall write a special post for you later today!

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