One step forward, two steps back

After Feeling all positive about our chicken breeding program next year, putting our newly acquired Silkies to use, our worst fears about the sex of the wee fluff balls have proved true. Yup, two of them are cockerels. These spikey feathers on the head plumage are apparently a male trait.


The difference is even more apparent when compared to BB’s more uniform ‘hat’.


So, we’ll have to adapt our plan and let BB hatch her own eggs at the beginning of the season thus (hopefully) producing a couple of extra pullets. Maybe she will hatch a second brood of our choosing later in the season. I just wish that she would give some indication which cockerel she prefers!

On the subject of feathers, Big Fella is currently re-growing his tail after his moult. He was out strutting his stuff yesterday just asking to be photographed. That guy is SUCH a poser!!

Big fella

Big Fella 2

Big Fella 3

Big Fella 4

Do you think that he’s asking to have his portrait painted? One portrait which has turned out surprisingly well this week was ‘Max’. I say surprisingly because I started out using colour pencils on pastel paper, which I’ve done before. This particular paper though has a ‘softer’ texture than my usual one and the pencil wasn’t sitting well at all. I’m not a pastel fan (too messy) but my mum-in-law bought me some pastel pencils a while back, which I have to admit to not having given them a fair trial. So, with the prospect of starting the drawing from scratch and probably using pen and ink/watercolour, I decided to give the pencils a whirl. I tried Max’s eye first, which went well. Then I progressed on to his nose, then I moved up his face a wee bit…



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4 Responses to “One step forward, two steps back”

  1. cecilia Says:

    that rooster has the most amazing FEET! crazy! hope you get some more eggs to hatch.. c

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I know! It looks like he’s wearing chaps – and all his offspring have inherited them! They take an awful lot of maintenance too apparently!

  3. mandala56 Says:

    The drawing looks wonderful, and I do enjoy seeing the silkies, no matter what! Old Jules used to have some when he was in New Mexico, and one of them used to chase me around and nip at my legs… I liked the rest of them, though. They are such cuties.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thank you! Like with ducks, I find a smile spreading across my face just looking at the Silkies. Hope we don’t have a nipper though!

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