Plan, what plan?

Whilst having a cup of tea in bed this morning, I had a plan for the day. That plan was:
1. Change ducks’ straw
2. Pull up corn plants in Polytunnel/Winter Spa for chickens
3. Plant garlic in chicken-free zone in polytunnel
4. Put remaining red cabbages to cook in crock-pot, ready to freeze.
5. Come in out of the cold and get on with my latest animal portrait.

Well, 1, 2 and 3 went well. The ducks all have sweet-smelling straw and there’s no longer any corn in the scene below. You’ll just have to take my word for it that the garlic is planted behind that very stylish piece of drapery in the background!

Winter spa

Then I digressed. I hate it when I do that. It’s just that the day was bright and mainly dry – a rarity at the moment – and I looked at the chaos in the raspberry patch and well, that’s where I spent the rest of the day! I suppose that I should feel pleased with my un-planned achievement but I just ended up grumpy and frozen! Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for gardening. I actually decided that I probably really dislike gardening but bizarrely, when I came indoors I ordered next season’s seedlings! It’s just that all that fruit and veg tastes so good!

When it’s wet and cold, I really do prefer indoor tasks. You may have read a couple of weeks ago when I was camera-less that I was currently  re-decorating the B and B double room. I showed you the ‘before’ and now that I’m re-united with my essential equipment, here’s the after…

Double room

Double room 2

I hope that our next season’s guests will like it. Still on the subject of painting, albeit with a smaller brush, I’ve also just completed my latest portrait. His name is Whisky and as you can see he’s a true American! You may have met him before on the farm where he lives, if not, then go and visit, there are some wonderful characters there!

Now, here’s a wee conundrum. How to sex a Silkie. Apparently it’s very difficult. So far We’ve been convinced that all three are pullets but now I’m not so sure. I picked up the palest grey bird yesterday and there seems to be a definite comb development. Yes, I know that pullets have combs too, but to what extent in Silkies? All three are pretty much the same size. The two wee storm clouds are doing quite a lot of squabbling. Are they BOTH cockerels is it just the normal pecking order procedure. Interestingly, BB doesn’t seem to get involved. We’ve been online to check what the differences are, but it all sounds a bit vague, with even the experts making some serious gaffs! Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see who, if anyone, decides to lay an egg! Today it was the paler storm cloud who lost the argument…


So, as for tomorrow, the plan is to maybe go for a walk in the glen and then get on with a new portrait. At the moment we are walking our friends’ dog while one of them is working away. He’s a lovely wee Lakeland Terrier called Max and I thought I’d do his portrait as a Christmas gift.



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