Finally I’m ‘with camera’ so some random catch-up shots!

Bentham sunsetI’ve been re-united with my essential blogging tool. Between some serious downpours and a day in the kitchen yesterday preparing food for a neighbours’ get-together, I’ve managed to take some completely random catch-up shots! First in the camera were one or two (not very good) holiday shots. The one on the left was the sunset seen through the kitchen window and the next two are of wee Patrick – a chap who enjoys his food! The second one is blurred but it catches a ‘father and son’ moment! (sorry, soppy granny moment!)
Andy and Patrick
Pusscat has discovered his new favourite spot…
…and during our neighbourly ceilidh last night, he made it quite clear that there was a price to pay for sharing that spot! “Lots of attention or OFF the rug!”
Any and Pusscat



Now here’s a character I’ve wanted you to meet for quite some time.

This is BB, our wee black Silkie with eyes like polished jet

Just looking at the Silkies makes me smile!



BB is a bit of a loner, only spending time with the other Silkies at bedtime. She’s quite tolerant of the occasional cuddle and it feels more like stroking a rabbit than a bird. I think that she secretly prefers ducks – or maybe it’s just their tea-time treat that she likes! Lucky and Chance don’t seem to mind.

BB, Lucky, Chance

If you remember, the Silkies were hatched along with some of our own eggs: just look at the difference in size now between Bantam BB and a black pullet of the same age. Mind you, the black pullet does have genes from Big Fella which makes the difference all the more pronounced!

BB and friend

Speaking of Big Fella, he’s quite the happy chappie at the moment as we’ve opened the ‘Winter Spa for hens’ (polytunnel) recently and he’s pleased to hang around with the teenagers in there, hiding from the rain. Such a serious plumage is hard to keep in tip-top condition when it’s wet!

Big Fella in Spa

And finally, here’s a photo which Matt sent just this afternoon….’Ghost, Ghostbuster and Ghoul’!

Matt and twins


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4 Responses to “Finally I’m ‘with camera’ so some random catch-up shots!”

  1. Le Petit Potager Says:

    How wonderful your camera has returned from its long holiday! Love the silkies!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I feel whole again!!! I love the Silkies too and can’t wait to see how they perform as mothers next year. I’m fairly sure that the threesome are all female so we’ll need to get a cockerel at some point to be in charge!

  3. cecilia Says:

    I love that winter spa for the hens and those silkies! Maybe I want some too.. do they lay eggs? How adorable they are, I need to set up a proper hatchery though, raising chickens in the basement is such a chore.. I hope you have a lovely day in front of the fire with Cat! c

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    Yes, they do lay eggs but apparently the trick is to exchange theirs for eggs which YOU want to hatch (‘meatier’ birds for example) and let them do the work! Our Silkies are bantams but there are full sized ones too which would probably be better for you. Hope you’re enjoying the last of your California sunshine!

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