Photos re-cycled after youngest son’s memory lapse

Still no camera. I mean to look at him, you wouldn’t think that anything was wrong…


…but I guess that zombie/fatherhood has addled Andy’s brain and he still hasn’t got around to posting my essential piece of blogging equipment back to Skye! He’s promised to post it today, well, actually he’s promised that Mary, his wife, will post it today. Unfortunately, she appears to have her own problems!


I know that he’s only 14 months old, but maybe wee Patrick was the one more suitable for the job! Anyway, for now, I have to rely on re-cycled photos to illustrate this post. Fortunately, life at Garybuie is a seasonal affair and many events are repeated on an annual basis so I do have a photographic record of such events.
It’s almost the end of October and although it’s a wee bit early, we appear to have halloween covered! A major October event at Garybuie is the waking of ‘The Beast’

The Beast

Now it’s only been a couple of days, but so far there’s been none of this…


…or this…

The experts

Fingers crossed!

double room Another seasonal occupation for me is carrying out any essential decorating. This year it’s the double B and B room’s turn for an update. New chairs, new curtains, new colour and new accessories. Obviously I can show you the ‘before’ but you’ll have to wait for the ‘after’. (Did you read that bit Andy?)






double room 2


On the animal front, nothing much has changed since before our holiday. The 4 Muscovy ducklings are coming up to 6 weeks old, whereas the mixed bunch of chicks and Breda’s threesome are 14 and 15 weeks old respectively. The Silkies are all pullets I think, which will be great for our 2014 incubation plans! They are such comical wee fluffballs but you’ll just have to take my word for that at the moment! (Won’t they Andy?!)


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