A holiday – longer than 3 hours too!

There’s not much to report from Garybuie at the moment, things are just ticking along. My main occupation recently was to give the kitchen an end-of-season scrub from top to bottom. Lots of elbow-grease required but very satisfying. Where does that come from, elbow-grease? There was enough grease around, perhaps adding more from my elbows wasn’t such a good idea! Yoghurt and toast only next season I think! (Just kidding!) Anyway, the reason for my brief blog, (post-haste perhaps? dashing-board?), is that tomorrow we’re off on holiday so I thought I’d better let you know in case you worry where I’ve got to – Ha, ha!!! We’re going nowhere exotic, just south to the Yorkshire Dales (better than exotic in my book) where we’re meeting up with kids and grandkids!!! Dad, along with Mark & Gerlinde, our ever-obliging neighbours, are going to be in charge of the place. I hope that everyone behaves! Well, we can’t have a post without some pictures so here are three with the mixed-bunch of chicks as the subject.

I was just too late with the first one. It was a wet day and the Silkie was sheltering between the legs of the other chicken. It’s great to have a tall friend!

tall friend

The sleeping arrangements of the mixed-bunch. The straw on the right hand side is the Aylesbury ducklings’ bed. Unlike the chicks, the ducklings like to loiter outside like teenagers avoiding an early bedtime!

on the fence

The Silkies however, can’t get that high and prefer to cuddle together on the ground, just one big ball of fluff!

ball of fluff


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8 Responses to “A holiday – longer than 3 hours too!”

  1. souldipper Says:

    What a treat…not only a jaunt away with family, but a return to a freshly cleaned kitchen. Reclaimed for just yourselves.


    Have a good time in God’s own county! How could you not?

  3. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Enjoy your wonderful holiday with the family!

  4. Lynda Says:

    Love your chickens! Thank you for the visit too!

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