A 30-year dream come true

Well actually, it’s longer than thirty years. Good Lord, it’s almost 40!!! Kevin and I met at the tender ages of 16 and 17 respectively. Getting around during our courtship involved the bus but it wasn’t long before Kevin got his first motorbike to travel to his first job and our transport became more exciting! Since then, his dream has been to own a BMW. Every birthday and Christmas, if asked what he’d like, ‘A BMW’ was his standard reply. Of course nobody took a blind bit of notice, although one year my mum put a Matchbox toy BMW on his birthday cake! (She was great at birthday cakes)

This year’s birthday however was different. Kevin received an unusually large cheque as a gift from his mum (“Do you think she’s starting with dementia?”) Apparently, she’d gifted the same amount to her other offspring because, ” I’d like to see you enjoy it while I’m still here!” Not that she’s going anywhere in the foreseeable future! So, He sold his glorious, red Triumph and today, this arrived….



One very happy man!

Happy man



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4 Responses to “A 30-year dream come true”


    That is absolutely wonderful! We are both ex-bikers so can appreciate Kevin’s excitement, although we are both too lazy now to ride bikes! Is Kevin’s Mum happy with his purchase? Our respective Mums were terrified when we were riding bikes! That was a few years ago, though!

    I hope the autumn weather is good to you so you can enjoy the new bike now the visitors have stopped. 🙂

    • garybuie01 Says:

      The weather’s quite good at the moment so hopefully we’ll manage to get out on the new machine soon. Kevin’s mum is a happy lady too when she can hear the big grin in his voice!!!

  2. Teri Says:


  3. garybuie01 Says:


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