End of another season

Last breakfast! After cooking over 300 breakfasts, Garybuie is now officially closed to visitors for this season.






Garybuie now sits quietly in the glen surrounded by nothing but birdsong and gossiping ducks and hens. No more breakfast chatter, no more early morning laughter. Time to reflect on the past six months, remembering conversations, funny incidents and the never-ending laundry! Time to think of new ideas for next season and time to enjoy the sunset undisturbed.
There’s time to tend to the birds at a more leisurely pace, having longer chats with some of the youngsters.



All in all, it’s been a great season, albeit a hard one with so many one-night stays. But once again we’ve met some lovely people, shared family tales and general grumbles! Many of our guests have enjoyed meeting the residents of Garybuie, some of them newly arrived in the world. But now we’re looking forward to recharging our batteries, heading south soon to visit our lovely grandchildren and for me, spending more time painting animals.


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4 Responses to “End of another season”

  1. mandala56 Says:

    I hope you will keep blogging during your “time off!” I really enjoy your descriptions and photos.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Definitely! I have more time for blogging over the winter, sometimes it’s quite a struggle to fit it in over the visitor season – I just get logged in and ‘ding-dong’ the doorbell introduces our newest guest!

  3. Le Petit Potager Says:

    Christine, your glen looks beautiful at this time of the year

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    Yes it is, particularly when the weather is good as it is now. It’s my favourite time of year.

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