A makeshift shelter and a new portrait

You may remember Nest Thief from last year when she stole Broody Brenda’s nest in the wee box-within-a-coop. She was a new addition to our laying crew at the time and we never expected her to turn broody. Earlier this season she went broody once more in the same spot but of course at that time, our previous cockerel, Snowball, had become sterile, so obviously her eggs never hatched. Not to be thwarted, she’s gone broody again whilst we weren’t looking!

I spotted her a few mornings ago out in the back garden looking bedraggled and assumed that she’d somehow got locked out the previous evening. A couple of days later though, she was there again and when I gave her a handful of grain, she emitted the tell-tale ‘clucky’ sound. Uh, oh! Kevin followed her and sure enough, she headed for her nest among the tall, rapidly flattening wild flowers next to the gate post outside the old church. No wonder she was bedraggled; the plants aren’t offering much shelter as they’re dying back and we’ve had some fairly wet weather recently. She needed shelter. Rather than causing a major kerfuffle by moving her along with her eggs, Kevin had the bright idea of covering the nest with the wee nesting box while she was away feeding.


He knocked the bottom out of the box and covered it in plastic feed/bin bags, lowered it over the eggs and Nest Thief toddled straight back in there! At least she’s nice and cosy now, although I do worry that some predator might spot her. Can you see her?

shelter 2

During this drizzly weather I’ve taken the opportunity to start another portrait. Another canine who lives on the other side of the Atlantic but from a different farm than my usual source of wonderful animal photos. Maybe some of you may recognize him although it’s early stages yet. (And as you can see, Pusscat’s no help whatsoever, asleep in the corner there!)

New Portrait

The good news is, that after the loss of one portrait in the post, the second portrait of Big Dog, (which I showed you the early stages of a couple of weeks ago), arrived safely in Illinois! Phew! Elaine guessed who he was at that point and was kind enough to try to allay my worries by sharing a positive lost mail story!

Big Dog


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4 Responses to “A makeshift shelter and a new portrait”

  1. Elaine Says:

    There must be a place where all the lost parcels go……..so pleased he arrived safely the second time

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Me too Elaine, it was a tense week or so!

  3. Jeanne K. Says:

    I love the portrait of Big Dog. I’m glad it all worked out, but I shudder to think of the extra work doing it a second time. It’s lovely.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I’m glad too Jeanne! I did a different pose the second time around so it was a completely fresh start. Mind you, Big Dog has one of those faces that says ‘Paint me!’, so he’s hard to resist. The Eeyore of the canine world I think!

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